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The First Image of the Book: Crossing the Zone of Minus 60 Degrees Centigrade

The First Image of the Book: Crossing the Zone of Minus 60 Degrees Centigrade

              It is good to start well, but it is better to end well.

       The concept of the DST method in the treatment of addiction is synonymous with the gradual exit from darkness, and slow movement in the path of light. The first picture of the book, Crossing the Zone 60-degrees below zero, depicts the beginning of the journey of addiction treatment in the most beautiful and best way for travelers (drug abusers).

      How one finds himself in such a turbulent world is not the current discussion of this picture, but it is not irrelevant to mention that man is not chaotic by himself. Perversion and eternal destiny gradually turns a normal and healthy person into a chaos. The final stage of this turmoil is the complete metamorphosis of the body and mind of the individual, where the person no longer has control over the results of his actions, in other words, the source of action is both within the man and outside his will. In the sublime teachings of the Congress60, body and mind are likened to the horseman and the horse.

      The worn-out car in this picture is moving on a dangerous and icy road, which is very slippery and full of chandeliers that can fall at any moment and with the slightest mistake. Moving in this dangerous path depends entirely on the driver's mastery and following the principles of movement. If the driver becomes sluggish or speeds too much, it is the car that takes him to places that is not to his liking and multiplies the possibility of falling in the valley. This car will never reach its destination.

      Most of the time on the first travel, people do not know where the destination is. They just want to move, they do not know where the destruction has come from and they think that by quitting drugs, and when their body does not need drugs, they are no longer addicted and have reached their goal of quitting. None the body and the mind of drug abusers is devoid of the effects of substance abuse. Their mind and body need complete reconstruction. Both must be balanced. It is true that the journey of a thousand mile begins with the first steps, but these first steps must be taken with confidence and on the way to final destination. At the beginning of his journey, the traveler is on a difficult path for three to four months. He must move slowly and put aside all scattered thoughts. He must use all his abilities and the available facilities for the choice being made –to pass this horrible turn of the road to spring and other seasons of his journey and finally the balance of body and mind. The movement on the ice and crossing -60 degrees’ centigrade zone has been completely taken from Mr. Dezhacom’s experience, to explain the hardship of travel in simple language and allegory.

Furthermore, it is hard to navigate through the icy, winding mountain roads, but it is possible to achieve goals with the training of Congress 60, and the full obedience to scientifically Proven Patterns (Role Models of Congress 60), including our dear guides, guardians, and frontiers of Congress 60; and above all, the unparalleled presence of Mr. Dezhacom, to whom I owe my life.

Written by traveler Azad, Congress 60’s translator

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