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An Interview about D.SAP With Master Dezhakam

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Nowadays, due to the poor nutrition, most bodies are in need of minerals. Many diseases are cured by D.SAP.
An Interview about D.SAP With Master Dezhakam

Congress60, a revolution in addiction treatment and recovery believes that addiction treatment is based upon three parameters; body, psyche and worldview. There are 52 agendas every year one of which is selected weekly in the workshops and the meetings and the members talk about the agenda. For the first time, the subject “D.SAP” is added to Congress60s' agendas. Here is an interview with Master Dezhakam about D.SAP:

  • Hello and I am really appreciate you presenting in this interview. Why did you decide to produce D.SAP?

Hello friends, I am Hossien, a traveler. Researchers usually go ahead and takes the acts with themselves, but I am vice versa. The acts always precede me. D.SAP was produced accidentally. We went to Hidaj by chance. We had a small piece of land and some apple trees were there. Some apples fell down near the trees. My son, Amin, said: "I want to make vinegar with those apples." I agreed and paid him the money to buy some barrels. It was not bad and we gave most of it to others. In fact, that was his own idea.  After a while, we bought a bigger garden with many apple trees. I wanted to sell the apples but they had to be bought in a low price. For example; I had to sell each kilo of the apples as eight hundred or one thousand tomans, but dealers sold it as twelve thousand tomans. Farming is a hard activity. The crops may be frozen one year or may be destroyed by pests the next year. Some trees have crops and others don’t. So, I decided to produce D.SAP with the best apples. But no one does the same; they usually use the rotten apples with some peel of melon and cantaloupe. The gist is that I did not know how to make vinegar. So, I made something that was both like vinegar and was not. That was odd and below the standard level. There is something called vinegar and another thing called wine. When the apples are put into a barrel, they turn into either vinegar or wine. But I made the third production, D.SAP, whose process of production is so much different from producing vinegar. Apple is a healthy fruit and includes many different minerals. Nowadays, there is a basket of apples on the counter of European restaurants and the people can eat them for free. If everyone eats an apple daily, they won’t get sick during their life time. D.SAP has beneficial minerals, too. Nowadays, due to the poor nutrition, most bodies are in need of minerals. Many diseases are cured by D.SAP. One of the odd problems in addiction, whether to methadone or OT, is constipation which was solved well by using D.SAP. It also solved the problem of fatty livers, varicose veins and many other diseases. In fact, D.SAP is a miraculous drug. I have allocated it to Congress60s' members and they give it to their families and all of them consume it.

  •  When did you find out about the numerous curative effects of D.SAP? Did you previously know about its healing effects or you found it out after its production, just like DST method?

No, I didn't know about it in advance. Everything happened in the middle of the process. I didn’t have any information about it and had no special intentions at the beginning.an act, then they do it. I always start an issue and then study about it whereas others study first, then take an action. I first do an activity and then survey it, and it is inadvertently right.

  • Please explain about the elements and the alkaloids in D.SAP and how does D.SAP influence different diseases?

The issue is the same as OT. Our body needs two types of substances one of which is made by the body itself. The human body is the same as a refinery in which various chemicals are produced. D.SAP also influence the X system (the system of producing opium-like substances or natural narcotics in human body.) We use OT to recover the X system that is like a refinery. We give OT to our body, then the X system produces the essential substances and gives them to the body. But the body needs other minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium and various acids. D.SAP contains all of them and consists of citric acid that is a miraculous substance. Citric acid is disinfectant and cures the infectious diseases as antibiotics do. D.SAP removes fats deposited in the vessels. Have you ever seen sediments inside a kettle? Fats also precipitate in our body and the sediments result in heart attack. Citric acid removes all the fats inside the vessels slowly and prevents stroke and heart attack. We still do not know other minerals in D.SAP. Of course we have done its laboratory analysis, but I don’t talk about many complicated terms and combinations in it.


  • Which diseases have been cured by D.SAP so far?

One of the reasons I have assigned the title “D.SAP” as this weeks' agenda is to learn about the members’ experiences of using D.SAP to collect information about it. Some cases have been reported like the cure of fatty liver in three or four months, varicose in 10 t0 12 months, constipation, control of blood pressure and blood sugar, some kinds of skin diseases and women infections (dilute some D.SAP with water in a tub, then sit in the tub for a few times.) D.SAP also disinfects the eyes well when you wash your eyes with the diluted solution of D.SAP. It treats aphthous ulcers, too. Some individuals reported that their prostate and frequent urination were cured in a few months. D.SAP also treats chronic gallbladder problems in five or six months. Another point is that D.SAP prevents skin sagging, facial wrinkling and eyelids drooping, because it is the potassium which sticks skin to muscles. The loss of potassium causes to sag facial and neck (double chin) skin and to droop eyelids. Ladies can use D.SAP solution instead of the expensive foundation creams and face powders. Dilute some D.SAP with water at the ratio of 1 to 10 and wash your face with it to peel your skin and to remove any rashes on your skin. Somebody has also reported that his problem of oligospermia was solved and the amount of sprems increased by using D.SAP. But I have not made sure yet. It may be by chance. So, I want the members to speak about their experiences of using D.SAP and its consequences during this week.

  • Is using D.SAP forbidden for the individuals with specific diseases?

No, nothing has been reported yet. Individuals who have an upset stomach should take some diluted D.SAP on a full stomach during the day. D.SAP is produced from the apples' sap and it is not harmful. There is the acid in vinegar that burns the stomach and esophagus, but D.SAP is a light drink and does not hurt your body. Children can also have a few drops of solution with water once a week to increase their minerals.

  • Are you willing to allocate this wonderful formula to others?

Actually yes, why not?

  • When is the best time to use it and how?

You should take it on an empty stomach in the morning. You should consume a tablespoon of D.SAP mixed in a glass of water thirty minutes before breakfast to affect well. But those who have low blood pressure can consume a teaspoon of D.SAP. Some may mix it with honey and use it during the day. It can be used with grape or date nectar which is so much nutritious and energizing in a way that is called Elixir of youth. In order for your body not to get cold, you can eat two dates or drink tea with a candy rock.

  • Thanks for allocating your time to this interview and I really appreciate you and your unconditional efforts in producing and extending science and helping the people in need. I wish you the best of health and success.

Prepared by: Traveler khatere

Translated by: Companion Sudabe

Edited by: Companion Marjan






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