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The 9th Image of the Book: Crossing the Zone Minus 60̊ c

The 9th Image of the Book: Crossing the Zone Minus 60̊ c

The internal battle between wisdom and self

This is the 9th image of the book and related to the time when the first journey (the process of addiction treatment) has just ended. The physiological systems of the addicted individual wake up from a long sleep. These systems start to reconstruct themselves. There are still some deficiencies in the body and the condition disturbers inside of the individual. That’s why an internal battle starts between wisdom and self. Inside refers to invisible aspects like psyche, self, negative forces, wisdom etc.  

In this battle, the negative forces (carnal desires) try to take the opportunity (the deficiencies in the body) and induce negative thoughts and tempt the traveler to consume drugs, but the other parts of inside are aware and resist with their full power.

The hot desert represents the patient's body and psyche which are destroyed. They are like a hot desert in which there is no water or a building, just parts of a ruined town and some remains of dead bodies such as skulls and bones.

This image shows the condition of an addicted individual that his body and psyche are destroyed due to drugs, but he was not aware about destruction when he was consumer and didn’t accept his bad condition. He thought he was well when he consumed drugs and had no problem.

The roar of thunder represents the sound of patient's inside.  He was in a dark and destroyed desert finally one day a sound from his inside says: "what are you doing? Why are you here in this darkness? You have to get rid of this desert"; this is the sound of wisdom or conscience.

There were just destruction and darkness that ruined the city (body and psyche), dead bodies represent the destruction, and the high temperature of the desert accelerates putrefaction of the dead bodies. The heat represents the effect of consuming drugs on the patient's body and also can represent negative thoughts. Both of them cause damages in body and psyche.

The battle between negative forces and wisdom is likened to a storm inside the traveler. He wants to quit addiction and the wisdom says: " you have to stop consuming drugs, you have destroyed your body and have made your inside polluted, you should try to get rid of this situation"; on the other side, the sound of negative forces says: “it is not important, don’t worry, nothing will happen if you consume drugs one more time, many people die every day don’t care".

Sleeping wizard can be the lower self, Satan, or a friend who tries to encourage the traveler to consume drugs.

Different parts of individual's inside such as mind, self, rational desires and wisdom have been awarded and they participate in the battle with negative forces with all their might.

Adopted from the CD of “Internal Battle” by Mr. Hossein Dezhakam

Translated by: Companion Zahra

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