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All births are similar

All births are similar

 I congratulate you and your family on the rebirth of nature. We repeat we’re very joyful because of your fresh start and your rebirth in life; we encourage you to attend to your responsibilities and strengthen our connection; these include yourself, your book, and your financial affairs in addition to regaining your abused rights and unlawful confiscation of your assets.

Moving along the right path makes the human being become closer to God, and feel his light and presence in his life. It opens up the internal vision which in turn enables the person to see other universes in addition to his real mental appearance. At that time, one cannot traverse any other path but the right one. You probably know what I’m talking about; pay careful attention to all the work in hand. Speed up the process so that you can achieve a lot more in life’s remainder. Sounds become meaningful like light and feelings, and it is there that the meaning of a human’s desire is born. All births are similar.

However, there are great differences in details which usually go unnoticed. This issue does not concern only the physical structure of the human’s body, but the essence of his existence. The attributes of the physical body and appearance are the apparent attributes, and sense, sound, and light are the hidden or invisible attributes. This is related to a feeling in human being which wants to dress the sounds beautifully (music), or make his thoughts fragrant (philosophy). Try to ponder deeply on the divine proofs around you; we wish a speedy progress for you in all of your affairs.


Adopted from the book "Crossing the Zone Minus 60 Degree"

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