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The orifice of existence

The orifice of existence

 21 days has passed since the beginning of spring and we, Iranians, celebrate the first 12 days as a sign of 12 months in a year. We eagerly go to meet my mentor, Raad, and the following is excerpts from our meeting. Guardian: greetings for the New Year and the arrival of the blossoms. I would like you to give a sermon for my book, since these are the last pages of the book. Raad: greetings upon the seekers of truth; happy New Year to you all as well, especially to your wife who experienced the darkness and stood by you in your journey into the light.

Now you asked for a sermon; I believe you are a living sermon yourself, and your path can lead so many individuals out of the darkness. The Supreme Power will reward you for your efforts. Your evolutionary method will take its place in the archive, and will be used in the other universes; each and every one of the rehabilitated individuals will gain the real belief, and be grateful for this great blessing. Should I say more? Guardian: yes, say more; parallel lines never reach each other, but intertwined circles have one point as their centre.

Tell me about the centre of these circles, about Mehr and Mitra, of Adam, Noah, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and Mohammad; tell me about being and not being. Raad: we can never hide the sun; we can never cover the moon; we cannot ignore the existence of the mountains and see it as futile. Therefore, they have been born in this cycle, and creation would not have a meaning without them; they influence all the creatures that have love in them, come out of them and return to the depth of every one of them, again and again. These reflections always continue, and they get recorded in different ways so that they’re not forgotten.

They’re also kept safe in other places so that there is always an orifice of existence in where we come from and return to. We can feel it in us, and that’s why we go after it; to know the things that we don’t know of existence and nonexistence, of being and not-being. The closer we get to this path, the stronger this feeling becomes in us, and if we move away from the path, we’ll arrive at the vices. This is why the search goes on as it is.


Adopted from the book "Crossing the Zone Minus 60 Degree"

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