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Congress60 Is Based on Justice

Congress60 Is Based on Justice

The seventh session of the 39th round of morning meetings of the Park branch was held on September 11 at 6:30 by traveler Ramin as the guest speaker, traveler Armin, master of ceremony, and traveler Peyman, the secretary. The agenda of the week was “Justice; are all members equal in Congress 60?”

Summary of the Master’s speech:

Hello friends! I am Ramin, a traveler. I am very happy to be at your service today. I hope we have a good meeting ahead. Thank you, Mr. Armin, Mr. Peyman, and all the loved ones. This week’s agenda is justice, which is one of the sides of the congress 60 triangle, i.e. justice, knowledge, and decency on which congress 60 is based. Now the perception of justice in society is often misunderstood with equality. For years I lived with the thought that if I saw someone better than me, I would say this is not justice. If something happened to me, or if I became addicted, I would say: "Why is this happening to me, why doesn't it happen to others, and this is not fair".

It was such a person until I entered Congress 60, and I was introduced to the fact that everyone in any position is standing according to justice. It was not acceptable for me. How is it possible for me to be equal to an affluent person on another side of the world or to a person who suffers poverty in a country? Then I learned that justice means that everybody should be placed in their position. Everyone experiences the actual structure they have created in their lives, and this is justice that is going on and on which the world is based. Our body structure is made of billions of cells, and if one of them disobeys the commands, cancer will develop. All cells do their job, and each one is in its right position, not in the position of the neighboring cell. Our body resembles the whole universe. That is why justice is established throughout it.


The issue here is justice in Congress60. Are all people equal in Congress 60 or not? The answer is definitely No! Not everyone in Congress is equal. The one who serves others is obedient, he helps others, he has a higher position than those who do not serve. I remember once in Moharram month, a person was given three meals and another one was not given any food. The person shouted and objected. Then Mr. Dezhakam in a meeting considered the incident and said that the one generous person who granted the ceremony a sheep has the right to take two meals, while the person who has come neither to help nor to do anything will not benefit.

This is really the case these days, both inside and outside of Congress60. Those who strive for a better life, those who are serving in Congress60 enjoy a happier state. Someone who enters congress 60 as a newcomer has priority over others. S/he is given profound attention, mainly to help them reach tranquility. When someone tries in a position, you see they feel better. Here we realize that justice exists in the universe and in Congress60. The one who serves deserves a higher position. 

Thank you all for listening to me.

Prepared by: Traveler Haadi

Translated by: Traveler Azad


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