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The Fifth Valley and its Effect on Me

The Fifth Valley  and its Effect on Me

The third session of the 73rd  round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on July 14th, 2021 at 9:40 a.m. by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Mr. Ali as the secretary. The agenda was “The fifth valley  and its effect on me.”

Hello friends, I am Hossein a traveler. I am fine and hope you are keeping well. It seems that autumn has come because trees are losing their leaves due to lack of water and the extraordinary heat.

Four types of blood cancers including AAL, AML, CLL, and CML have been completely cured using the DST method of addiction treatment and the method was approved by the university of Bristol (England) and the articles will be presented at the conferences of Paris, Swiss, Dubai and Turkey. They are all held by the United States; however, due to coronavirus pandemic, other countries around the world host these conferences.

Early today morning till now I was giving the liberation from addition because lots of Congress 60 members had come to be liberated from addiction.

The process of re-examination of the guide-exam has been carried out and in four stages all the papers have been thoroughly examined. All the 5000 papers have been exactly scored.

All the border guards must examine everything including electricity, gas tubes, and everything we have in Congress 60 (so that no bad event occurs).

We have to lessen the use of plastic, therefore when you go to a supermarket to buy anything you are supposed to take what you buy in hand (for small purchases) and do not get plastic bags, because they cannot be decomposed and we have to avoid using too much plastic.


We have to regard all the laws in the society, whether we are the king or ordinary people. In Congress 60, we have to learn how to speak with a lady, we have to use plural form of verbs to address a lady [as a matter of resepect]. We should completely respect women, and nothing can disturb this rule. Women must be respected very accurately.

The agenda today  is the fifth valley and its effect on me which reads “Cognition alone is not the ultimate approach to problem solving in our world. It will be completed with experience and achievement.”. It is not enough to see a tree or a palm tree, you are supposed to climb the tree. It means that mere contemplation is not enough at all, you have to put whatever you learn into practice. Can you act based upon what you know? Your behaviour must be again based on your thought and sayings, you say: “we have to forgive people”, then if a person damages your car, can you easily forgive him? In this valley, we learn that if we do not put what we know into practice, this knowledge is useless. The first step in this valley is repentance, it means if you have done something wrong, you have to return back from that wrong way and compensate for it.


The second step is “abstinence”, to avoid the things we do not know whether it is good or evil, we have to avoid. The third step is “contentment” and we learn from the nature to make the best from our simplest facilities.

The next step is “patience” we have to be patient and [we learn from the nature how to bear the hardship of life so that we can make fruits: be successful].

The next step is to stop “Investigation, sentencing, backbiting people”. We have to stop investigation, and we have to stop judging people. When two people are speaking with each other, we cannot judge them. We only judge people based on our own thinking and not the truth. All the judgements we make are wrong. The judge in court checks everything and sentences a person (to death, an execution sentence) but after 30 years he realizes that he was wrong.

The next step is “saving”. Even animals do this saving, when I go to Hidaj (my garden), when I give dogs a piece of bone, the dogs take the bone and hide and save the first piece and then they come to take a bone to eat. The same holds true for human being, a human must save something from what they earn, even if it is very small. I have repeatedly asserted that “saving” is for the poor not the wealthy people. A dog first hides a bone for its next time and then eats its food. When I  firstly stated this matter, Congress 60 members learned to save from their little earnings.

I know a group of people; as their first child is born, they buy a piece of land in the countryside and when their child grows up, this land becomes expensive and it is a good saving for them.

The next step is “Reliance, gratification, submission”. It is best for us to try hard in our lives and yet we rely on the supreme power and his guidance and grace. We must be satisfied with what we have.

If we could pass these two levels which are reliance and satisfaction we could enter the submission phase. In the gratification state, we are satisfied with whatever that comes our way whereas in submission phase we have no wishes except the wishes of the supreme force, therefore we neither agree nor disagree with anything

The first to fourth valley, we learn how to think and in the fifth valley, we learn that we have to take a step and put our knowledge into practice.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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