Valleys are the keys to unlock all the locks.
6/21/2021 12:00:00 AM

Valleys are the keys to unlock all the locks.

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The solution of any problems you have can be found in these 14 valleys and if we have learned the valleys properly, we will no longer be afraid to face problems.

The 9th session of the 17th round of the private educational workshops for Congress 60's travelers, in the Hosnani branch, was administered on Monday, May 24, 2021, at 5 p.m. by traveler Mohsen as the master of ceremony and traveler Mr. Ali Khodami, the watcher, as the guest speaker and traveler Mohammad as the secretary with the agenda "The Third Valley and its Effect on Me".

A summary of the guest speaker's speech:

This is our agenda (the third valley and its effect on me). I once heard from Mr. DejakDezhakam that the treatment of a traveler who learns and applies the first, second, and third valleys is guaranteed. In Congress 60, we say that the treatment is above quitting and the balance is above treatment. As you surely know, those who try to go cold turkey(suddenly stop using drugs)have a hangover for a very long time; because their X- system is not working properly and for the rest of their lives they have cravings and eventually after a while they run out of patience and they start using it again.

You may have heard in another NGO, in Mexico, a person used drugs after forty years of quitting then committed suicide. I mean, quitting means not using drugs and being hungover for the rest of your life. But in Congress60, we believe that treatment means ending addiction after 11 months so that the person can continue living without any hangover or cravings. Instructions and valleys in Congress60 help us achieve mental balance. Treatment means balance in physique, worldview, and psyche.

The 14 valleys of Congress 60 are like the keys which can open all the locks; this means the solution of any problems you have can be found in these 14 valleys and if we have learned the valleys properly, we will no longer be afraid to face problems. The third valley is one of the most impressive and effective valleys, which says we should know that nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for his true self.


No one in this world cares about us as much as we do. We are wrong if we think that our parents or children are more sympathetic to us. According to an experiment done on chimpanzees, very interesting results were obtained. 98% of chimpanzee´s DNA is similar to humans and they can learn well. For example, if we start cutting wood with a saw in front of a chimpanzee, he will learn and do it. In this experiment, a chimpanzee was placed in a room with its baby, and the floor was heated. It is interesting to know that chimpanzees love their child very much and it is so popular that female chimpanzees who have no children steal other chimpanzees' children, but when the floor of the room became very hot, the chimpanzee sat on her child to prevent damage to themselves.

This experiment showed that love has a limitation and it ends somewhere. Some time humans trample everything underfoot and just want to save themselves. This has been proven in humans. The third valley says no one feels pity for you as much as you do.

If we think that our parents and friends should solve our problems, we are definitely wrong.

 It is very good to learn the third valley here, but the main point is to practice it. A traveler on the first journey (the treatment process) will achieve success when he or she assumes all the responsibilities and admits that he or she has screwed up and he or she must fix it. I hope we learn and apply the third valley and know that there is no value for beliefs unless we put them into practice.


Translated by: Companion Azam from the Parvin E'tesami Branch

Reviewed by: Companion Marjan

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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Good luck
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