“OT [Opium Tincture]”
1/27/2021 12:00:00 AM

“OT [Opium Tincture]”

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The X theory states that any damage in the X system will result in many diseases including cancer. And opium/OT (if it is used in the correct way) can specifically reconstruct this system and the person will get well.

The ninth session of the 71st Congress60 workshops in Academy branch of Congress60 was administered on January 27th, 2021 by Mr.  Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and companion Homa, as the secretary. The agenda was “OP [Opium Tincture]”.

Master Dezhakam’s speech:

All the disciplines (against coronavirus) made by the Ministry of Health must be respected totally in Congress 60. You all have to wear face-masks and fever must be checked at the entrance of all branches.

This week’s agenda is OT, we could start using OT merely with the help of God. Because we wanted to declare that to treat heroin, ice, psychiatric pills and all other addictive drugs, Opium must be used. This claim was very strange. On the other hand, this claim was not made by a scientist, it was proposed by a drug abuser (Mr. Dezhakam). We encountered a very severe time when we wanted to state that the only way to treat addiction is using opium. The authorities watched and realized our work and they accepted this method.

I recommended that opium be planted and sown. But it was rejected by the authorities. However, I still think that opium must be grown in our own country for medical purposes.

20 years ago, I proposed to treat addiction, opium must be used. They accepted to pilot this proposal. Firstly, they accepted to pilot this protocol on 50 individuals. We have now more than 40000 individuals liberated from addiction using the DST method and OT. It is surprising; in the world, you cannot find  such a great job, within which tens of thousands of people were liberated from addiction using OT.

Now we have found out that opium and OT are not only surprisingly able to cure addiction, but also  they can cure many other diseases including different types of cancer specially blood cancer. The point is that a person with cancer cannot consume opium to cure himself, opium must be prescribed by an expert in special doses so that the person can be cured.

The X theory states that any damage in the X system will  result in many diseases. And opium (if it is used in the correct way) can specifically reconstruct this system and the person will get well.

The Anti-Narcotics Organization helped us a lot and I am thankful to them. They accepted the DST method, because they realized that the DST method is the best way of treating addiction. By treating addiction we mean a liberated person must be able to sleep well  in a storehouse of heroin without any craving and this is carried out using OT and the DST method in Congress 60.

Remember: Money is the heart of Congress 60. For any organizations, we need three milestones: money, knowledge and experts. Money is very important to us, and the money you give is gathered/calculated very carefully and everything  is clear in the financial affairs. Because of this clarity in financial affairs, we could buy and build land and buildings for Congress 60.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe      





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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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