The Valleys, Keys for Solving Our Problems
12/19/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Valleys, Keys for Solving Our Problems

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It is stated in Congress 60 that a heroin user who is treated and released in Congress 60 can sleep a whole night in a heroin depot, without even the slightest thought of using heroin.


The eleventh session of the 30th round of travelers’ workshops of Congress 60 was held in the Sattar Khan branch on November 18th, 2020 at 4 p.m. by the Congress60’s  Watcher  Mr. Ali Khoddami,  as the guest speaker; traveler Vahid, as master of ceremony, and traveler Amin as the secretary.  The agenda was “The third valley and its impact on me”.

The Guest Speaker’s Words:

God granted me this success to be present at the Sattar Khan branch today. The reason for my presence in this branch is that I was honored to be elected as the secretary of the watchers’ Congress, and Mr. Dezhakam instructed me to visit all the branches in Tehran on even days, and I had the good fortune to have the first meeting here in Sattar Khan branch.

First, I want to talk a bit about this week's agenda, and then I want to explain about the checklist of watchers, which is usually expressed in newly established branches. At first, we explained this checklist in the presence of agents and border guards, but then we propounded it experimentally in the workshops and got good feedback from the members. Different parts of this checklist are related to the border guards, the newcomers and the first travelers, and several other sections are related to all the members in Congress 60. So it's very important, and there's a lot of training load because all members are involved in it. Well, on this week's agenda, I have to say first that Congress 60 has the most advanced, comprehensive protocol of addiction treatment in the world. Wherever you go from west to east, from south to north, and all over the developed countries of the world, you will not find a person like a liberated person in Congress 60. In other words, in developed countries, raising the issue of addiction and its treatment is so ridiculous even for a newcomer in Congress 60. Some time ago, on a channel in virtual networks, which is a benchmark for diagnosing addiction, and well-known treatment strategies, I saw an article called “the Pinch” saying if a user is released from addiction and faces many temptations, s/he can use pinching, that is, whenever the person is tempted to consume, he may pinch himself to divert his attention. Now all scientific authorities are talking about such matters, while it is stated in Congress 60 that a heroin user who is treated and released in Congress 60 can sleep a whole night in a heroin depot, without even the slightest thought of using heroin. This is the treatment of addiction. According to Congress 60, the temptation is a physiological or physical need, like a person who is thirsty and needs water. Can it be said that the person is tempted to drink water? With this small example, we can see the difference between the scientific capacity of Congress 60, and other methods around the world.

This is what we say the most advanced protocol. Now this advanced protocol says that addiction is a three-dimensional illness, that is, addiction has destroyed three parts of a person: body, mind; and worldview. In the body part, the X system is disabled; and natural narcotics are not secreted, which must be re-launched within ten months by the DST method, and OT, which is best done in Congress 60. On the other hand, we say that the psyche of a person has gone imbalanced, meaning if a person's body and thoughts do not have sufficient and necessary balance, that person's psyche will also be out of balance. The third parameter is related to one's worldview. To us, worldview means one's attitude towards life and the world in which one is living. This attitude can best be reformed and enhanced through education, which is the most important and comprehensive part of Congress 60’s fourteen valleys. Valleys are so important and influential that one can change a lot in a positive direction during his first trip, which is mainly due to the educational competence of the valleys. Valleys are character changers. Do you think the first valley, where one learns to think before doing anything, is of little importance?

If we learn the valleys one by one, in the end, a complete transformation takes place in the person, which is of great value. So we should not underestimate the valleys and we should know that we have entered Congress 60 with a lot of problems. These problems and complications will not be solved unless we find the keys that are mentioned in the valleys. Each of the valleys solves a part of our problems, and we finally come to our senses and see that we have learned how to face problems throughout our lives, and solve them one after the other. The third valley, the weekly agenda, is one of the most important valleys teaching us that no creature thinks about us more than us. This means we should not expect and have claims on those who are around us. Basically, this is a law in the universe that nobody thinks as much as a human being for his real self.

Thus, we have to expect from ourselves and ask ourselves. In addition, we should not blame others for our problems because if we think and act in this way, we are always waiting for someone to come and solve all our problems. Such a person will always be immersed in the vortex of his problems because he does nothing for them while people who accept their fault in causing problems and embark on solving them will become the most successful people. I hope we get the message of the third valley correctly and make it practical in our lives.

Prepared by: Traveler Mohammad

Translated by: Traveler Azad


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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