Master Dezhakam's Words in the Physicians' Legion, February 7
2/23/2020 12:00:00 AM

Master Dezhakam's Words in the Physicians' Legion, February 7

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Using OT and the DST method we can transcend from curing addiction to cure other incurable diseases.

There are two main factors in making a perfect meal: materials, and chef. You may provide some great materials like saffron, rice, and oil to an unqualified chef and then the result is clear. What do you expect if the chef is a trained one?

Therefore, the chef rule comes along with the importance of great materials, when it’s about making a perfect meal. The chef determines the amount of each material.

Physicians in clinics prescribe the medicine and the dosage of using it to their patients. The medicine which is prescribed all over the world is methadone, but how about its dosage? It doesn’t follow a determined rule. In some cases the patient use 30cc methadone which is too much. It’s an American plan to make the patient forget everything and not have a temptation to use drugs.

Consider an addict who uses drugs up to fifty times during a single day then, on the other hand, methadone is prescribed to him to use only once a day which is too harmful. Why is it harmful?

Methadone is supposed as a maintenance treatment in the medical world. Physicians claim about its maintenance for up to 24 hours, but they do not consider its active range of influence. The active effect is only about 7 to 8 hours per use time. After these hours, the patient feels he needs something to keep himself high. It could be a cigarette or pills or marijuana.

This process is as same as the shooting ranges of rifle gun. Its public ranges can be as long as 2,000 meters (2,187 yards), but its military ranges are typically at least 500 meters (547 yards).

TDS or having medicine three times a day is the key. The addict in this method uses its prescribed medicine every seven to eight hours and doesn’t need anything else to keep himself high.

About accessing a large amount of opium tincture or any medicine to addicts, Dr. Mokri and I had different opinions.  He believed in not giving medicine to addicts to carry with themselves, to carry to their home, but in my view, they could do this.

I believe in teaching and educating patients like military services. Even though there are loads of weapons in garrisons, the members do not use them against each other. They are taught how and when to use them.

Different formulas exist in our protocol of curing addiction. A patient who uses meta-amphetamine should be prescribed differently from a heroin user. Even all opium users are not prescribed the same, because one of them might smoke it and the other swallow. Our formulas have been gained based on our research and experience.

Based on our formula and education, we have cured loads of different drug users. We have cured amphetamine users, who are currently playing in Iran international rugby team. Congress 60's players were selected as the best players, best coaches, the most courteous players, and the best referee from the Iran rugby board.

Dr. Nora Walkov the director of NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) told me: “We hope to find a medicine to cure cocaine and meta-amphetamine in 20 years.” But we had already found this cure by the time she mentioned that.

Cure happens when the DST method is applied correctly. Besides, all parts of the inside systems will be reset. There are a lot of identical cases in Congress 60 who were infertile, but now they have babies.

Opium Tincture (OT) contains 25 to 50 alkaloids such as morphine, codeine, ketamine and many others which if the body accesses them,  can cure itself, it can recover itself. All components inside the OT are exactly the same as the neurotransmitters, which exist in the brain.

Our body needs only raw materials to cure itself, except surgery-needed cases. Its raw material is OT, which needs to be accessed at an appropriate time, and appropriate dosage.

Using OT and the DST method we can transcend from curing addiction to cure other incurable diseases.


Translated by: Traveler Amirhossein






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