I owe this healthy inhale and exhale to congress60.
2/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

I owe this healthy inhale and exhale to congress60.

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Congress 60 has given me physical and spiritual health, self-esteem, dignity and social respect.

The ninth session of the 29th round of Congress60 educational workshops in Artesh branch was held by Mr. Alireza as the guest speaker, Mr. Vahid as the master of ceremony and Mr. Mohammad as the secretary on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, at 17:00. The weekly agenda was: “My help to congress 60 and congress 60´s help to me".

A summary of the guest speaker’s speech:
I am very grateful to the honourable master of ceremony and his secretary for giving me this opportunity to serve. The weekly agenda is: " my help to congress 60 and congress 60´s help to me". We have seen it many times, and we have seen places that take drugs from the addicts (quitting addiction) and, instead, turn them to a messed up person whose discourse is rude and ugly. This is just a state that one can survive and withstand the great shock that comes from free-fall quitting. All these effects or better to say, destructions come from the fact that these centers have nothing to offer. Addiction kills the human body and destroys it (the amount of this destruction varies depending on the amount and type of the drugs,) on the other hand, it drives his psyche and his worldview toward futility. It does not just end here, and in return, it gives the addicts fear, isolation, mistrust, and emptiness.

What does Congress60 do? What has Congress60 given to me and what has it taken from me? Congress 60 has given me physical and spiritual health, self-esteem, dignity and social respect. As I sit in front of a hundred people talking and announcing my idea, it means I have self-confidence. One of the important things Congress60 has taken from me is smoking. I tried, again and again, to get rid of smoking. I had quit several times, each time I failed so that I could no longer hope to be able to quit smoking. Congress60 with its unique method has helped me to get rid of cigarettes so that today I feel the fresh breath and I naturally owe this healthy inhale and exhale to congress 60. Drugs are just like a high-interest loan that I was initially happy to receive when I repaid the loan, I got an infinite pain. Drug abuse takes at least thirty percent of human life, which can be seen in an addict’s thin and black face and body, insomnia, mindlessness, and being unplanned, but it is Congress60 that returns all these to man. I am a concrete example of this because Congress60 gave me peace and restful sleep. According to Mr. Dezhakam, insomnia leads to early and severe death. But Congress60 made my mind calm and pushed me toward balance. Drugs wreak the mind as we see people who, despite being physicians or engineers or educated, are now rough sleepers or homeless addicts. Why? Because the intellect has been weaken and no longer has its previous power to do any thing.


Congress60 gave me features such as punctuality that may not be visible, but have changed my life. When I was an addict, even though I used more than my normal consumption, I couldn’t still be on time on my appointments. But today I am half an hour earlier than others. Another important thing Congress 60 has given to me is the social position that I had lost in the past. I remember when I was returning from Kerman to Tehran, the police stopped my car and their dogs searched my car (Thank God they couldn’t find anything).

Afterwards, I thought to myself, why should this happen to me and I get so humiliated? It bothered me, but that was one of the reasons I came to Congress60. I tried to tell just what I have learned from Congress60, but it takes time to say all the things it has given to me.
Thank you for listening to me.

Prepared by: Traveler Rouzbeh

Translated by: Companion Azam

Edited by: Companion Marjan


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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  • azam fellow traveler vahid [Artesh]
زمان ارسال
2/12/2020 11:13:23 AM
Excellent and impressive, good luck🙏🏼🦋🌹
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