The Miracle of My Life
1/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

The Miracle of My Life

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I had entered a place where I knew nothing about and I was thinking this way is like the other ways we had experienced.


We had an interview with companion Maryam the former border-guard (Marzban) of Congress60 and we invite you to read this interview.

  •  Hello, please introduce yourself as it is common in Congress60?

Hello friends, I am Maryam, Mohammad Bagher’s companion. My traveler had 15 years of Ice and Cannabis addiction and after 10 months and 13 days, we got liberated from addiction through the DST method with the guidance of Mr.Shahrod and now we have been liberated from addiction for 2 years and 3 months.

He started his nicotine travel after 17 years of cigarette consumption. After 10 months and 24 days, he has been liberated from nicotine addiction with edible nicotine through the DST method under the guidance of Mr. Shahrod and he has been liberated from nicotine for one year and eight months. his sport in Congress60 is Volleyball. My guide is Mrs.Zahra and my sport in Congress60 is Swimming and Aerobics.

  • You have been a border-guard for one period and you have finished it successfully. What have you learned from serving in this position?

Every moment of my serving as a border-guard was instructive and I appreciate God for helping me to serve in this position and acquiring a wide range of training that the most important of them was the growth of tolerance inside me.

  • Which characteristics are important for a border-guardto accomplish his responsibilities with peace and kindness?

As it is mentioned Border-guard Treaty (I commit to act flawlessly as a role model and I will always consider myself as a servant of travelers, not their boss) if a border-guard commits herself/ himself to this treaty and considers it during the serving process, s/he will definitely be able to accomplish her/ his tasks very well.

  • How do you evaluate yourself before and after achieving this position?

If I want to compare myself before and after the period of serving as a border-guard, I can say that it was a period full of instruction which I could not acquire in any school nor university. I appreciate God for it.

  • What was your imagination about the process of treatment at the beginning of your entry into Congress60? and which feature of Congress60 made you connected and stay in here?

When my traveler entered Congress60, I searched the internet and studied the biography of Mr.Dezhakam. After reading the companions’ articles, I was more hopeful hearing a voice which was telling me “this is the place where your husband will be treated. I loved serving when I attended Congress60 and this has helped me to stay, educate and serve.

  • What is your best memory and most memorable day in Congres60?

Each moment of being here is a memory for me, but if I want to recall my most memorable day in Congress60, it was the day when I was donated the newcomer’s co-guidance Shaal by Mr.Dezhakam.

  • What is the difference between serving as a border guard in Congress60 and other positions which you have experienced so far?

Each service position has its own feature as well as special instructions and we cannot find any differences between them.

  • What’s your opinion about Mr.Dezhakam’s quote which says: Serving as a border-guard is like walking through the fire?

This shows the significance of the border-guard position because in this position you might encounter a challenging situation when you have to be silent and this will raise the tolerance point.

  • Please tell us about the days before getting familiar with Congress60 and the days after that, and express your feelings these days?

If I want to express those days before being familiar with Congress60, I have to say it was just darkness, blackness, hopelessness and anxiety. I was tired of testing different ways to treat my husband’s addiction and getting nothing. Eventually, a light and a miracle called Congress60 illuminated our life. I am very grateful now and appreciate God because he helped me to have the ability to serve here as well as learning and I hope to be a good servant for all members.

  • In addition to serving as a border-guard, you have been donated the newcomers co-guide's Shaal by Mr.Dezhakam, what was your feeling at that time?

It was an undescriptive feeling. I hope that all companions could experience this enjoyable feeling.

  • How do you feel after guiding people and what does it remind you?

The first day when I entered Congress60, I was full of disappointment, fear, and darkness. I had entered a place where I knew nothing about and I was thinking this way is like the other ways we had experienced and had reached a deadlock. Fear of hearing “Ice addiction has no treatment” was so much carved in our minds. However, the first session I entered Congress60, I could see peace and kindness purling there and thank God they received me warmly.

You asked me what reminds me after guiding other people. Well, I can recall all moments of those days when I entered Congress60 with those negative emotions, I also see how I feel now and how my feelings have changed. The feeling that I have is very pleasant because when I see beside learning and expanding my knowledge, I can serve a newcomer who has just entered Congress60 and illuminate the light of hope in his heart, I appreciate the great and merciful God at that moment.

  • What do these words remind you?

Congress60: the miracle of my life

Mrs. Anni Dezhakam: calmness

Border-guard position: love and kindness

Congress60’ celebrations: being always grateful

Newcomers: Blossom’s of Congress60.

  • And your last words?

The companions of the first travel should know that they will get their desire which is treatment and liberation of their traveler by patience, effort and trusting the Great God and also using Congress60's instructions. I wish a healthy and calm life for all companions in Congress60.

I thank you and those who serve on the website of Congress60.

Interviewer: companion saeedeh

Translated by: Traveler Ehsan A

Edited by: Companion Marjan


Source : 0
Topic : Interviews
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