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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Hossein - Dec 2, 2019)

 Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Hossein - Dec 2, 2019)

Dec 2,2019

Dear Bill,

I hope you are fine, I am well.


I am delighted that our article received positive feedbacks.

What we discussed about finding a definition for psyche is now being debated at Congress 60 sessions that I address. I am delighted and appreciate your help.

About the “window to the sky” I must say that this theater was written and produced by me. Some very famous actors are playing in this act. The story is written in a manner of joking, and tries to convey this simple fact which is if we understand a subject we can express it easily for others.

But when we don’t realize something then speaking with complexity begins! And no one understand what we are saying! It is the story of some philosophers or even some addiction treatment experts whom speaking about some false ideas!

This theater is welcomed warmly, it is the most crowded theater of Iran right now. Most of viewers are Congress 60 members of course!


Let me take this chance as well to express my appreciation for our enduring friendship and co-works.

You are the one who plays the key role in extending Congress 60 to other parts of the globe and in introducing Congress 60 to others. In fact you are the motivation that made me start writing

In my next letter I will express my ideas about how psyche is formed.

Let’s not forget that you have already explained beautifully how psyche is being formed. Hopefully together we will make it complete and straightforward for others to grasp these ideas.


Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


Your Comments


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