The Miracle of the Moment
4/27/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Miracle of the Moment

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Enjoying the moment matters regardless of the things that have occurred previously or those which are going to happen from now on.

Miracle of the moment.

Hello friends, I am Laila a companion

 Being at the moment and using life is the miracle of our life. When we try to be at the moment, the energy field is created with a high frequency on which nothing negative can affect. Being at the moment is like feeling the beats of our breaths right now, understanding the arrival and departure of air to and from our bodies,  getting the energy of existence  and enjoying all the people in our lives. Thus the secret of our success is to set aside the past and future.

Feelings like hatred, regret, grief, sadness, bitterness and all the Unforgivables are due to paying attention to the past and not being at the moment. We should be present at the moment, meaning we should guide all the thoughts, feelings and reactions to the same moment. When we are in the depths of the present time, we do not pass a tree indifferently and do not see just its appearance, but seeing the tree deeply means going to the depth of the moment which is the sign of awareness bringing us the holiness of the universe’s secret and loving all the components of it.

Human mind loves problems. As we do not have any problems at the moment and what annoys us has happened in the past or may happen in the future time. The best sign of rising awareness is how to cope with our problems and accept any challenge in our life as a test. We will succeed if we don’t depend on the result of the job and enjoy the moment of doing it and try to solve the problem even if it fails. We can test ourselves to see if we feel comfort, joy and lightness at the moment. Enjoying the moment matters regardless of the things that have occurred previously or those which are going to happen from now on.

We are at the moment when we are excited on the roller coaster with steep slopes and curves since it forces us to be at the present time and gives us a sense of vitality, without thinking about our problems and personality. On the rollercoaster, we don’t remember what bad things happened yesterday.

Investing on pain, our inner self feels fear, need, risk of being imperfect, defects, etc. It could not be calm unless it attained what it wanted. In fact this is a transient sense of satisfaction and we would rather guide our own inner self towards being at the moment in order to get rid of the illusion of time.

To do this, we must propel our mind to realize the importance of the present moment and accept that the past is the mention in the present moment and accept that the past is a memory and we should learn from it, and the future is a thought that worrying about it is an illusion. We can only manage the time to attain our goals but we should not forget that it is not important to reach to the destination but to do things in a right way. In fact we should enjoy the path.

According to Eckhart, there is no obstacle greater than time in the way to God, thus we must go out of the illusion of psychic time.

Maybe understanding death is helpful for us because death means the self’s transporting including all its knowledge and information, without any  wealth, jobs, positions, and appearance and so on. As a matter of fact we need to try at the moment to gain this awareness without paying attention to the past and future. The Buddha says that the roots of all our sufferings is hidden in our needs and wishes. Therefore, we can experience the blissful state by cutting the chains of our needs and appreciate the miracle of the present time from now on.

Translated by: Companion Nahid

Edited by: Marjan




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Topic : Articles
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