Addiction! Enough is enough!
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Addiction! Enough is enough!

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They told me that addiction is a disease and should be properly treated. Addiction treatment is not related to willpower. They said that treating addiction, just like any other disease, needs proper time and medication.

This man has got his addiction treated after 12 years and now helps others towards recovery.

He is 33 years old. He has experienced almost all kinds of drugs and has faced the consequences by wasting 12 years of the best days of his life. However, Sirous Hosseinzadeh was able to beat his addiction with the help of his willpower. Currently, he is one of the guides in Congress 60 humane revivification society and helps current drug abusers to get back to normal life. Story began when one of his friends entered his life scene with “drug”* and said: ‘“Sirous! Let’s go get some drug.” I thought he means getting drug from drugstore. I agreed and he clarified himself “I do not mean medicine. I am talking about heroin …” it was an intense pleasure. They cannot tell that you have used drugs the few first times you consume heroin. It does not change your appearance too much.’ However eventually, the secret has been revealed.
* One of the slang names for heroin in Persian is “Dava” which literally means drug.
The secret revealed
A few months later, heroin showed its other face and young Sirous started injecting heroin instead of snorting it. Consequently, his abnormal physical and mental conditions due to heroin abuse revealed his secret for his family. ‘I always kept heroin bags in my pants pocket with which I used to sleep. One night, one of the bags slipped out of the pocket which I did not notice. However, in the morning my father passing by my bed found the heroin bag.’ His parents shocked by the incident, asked him about the drug. ‘I did not accept the charge. The more they insisted, the more I denied.’  His parents could not believe his claim of innocence; his recent condition and behavior made them believe his addiction problem. ‘My face was too blatant. My eyes were always red and I used to be drowsy most of the time. I had become too skinny. Eventually, we ended up having constant brawls at home.’
Irrational treatment methods
Sirous’s parents imprisoned him at home and brought him to see different physicians in order to make him free from addiction. ‘However, irrational and wrong methods of treatment will never help the person. Cops caught me buying drugs several times and found me guilty for drug possession. I had to call my father and ask him to pay the fine in order to get released.’ Disappointed by unsuccessful treatment attempts, his parents brought him to visit a psychiatrist. ‘The psychiatrist prescribed some medications and told me that taking these medications would solve your addiction problem. I would take medications as well as using my drugs of choice. When the doctor realized that medications would not work; he told my parents that I should undergo URD. We tried URD and I was brought back home after two days, having severe withdrawal symptoms. The doctor told me that you are alright and it’ll get better gradually. However, I was terribly sick and could not bear the withdrawal. I broke down our house’s windows with rage, got out and bought heroin.’
I did not want my wife to notice it
During the treatment period under the psychiatrist supervision, he was constantly told that “you are getting better, your appearance and face is getting back to normal, and you are gaining the lost weight, and so on.” However, Sirous was not really ok. Something was wrong inside him. He had become very isolated and depressed. He would cry for hours without any reason. Things went on the same till he got to know his future wife and decided to marry her. ‘I decided not to tell her about my addiction and managed to hide my addiction from her until the wedding.’
The end of Addiction

“In the end, the truth will out”. Subsequently, Sirous’s bride, Sara, found out the story of his addiction. ‘On the wedding night, my wife was putting my wedding suit in commode and heroin bags slipped out of my suit pocket and she realized my addiction. After that, she started to look for a solution to my problem. I quitted cold turkey with her help, however it did not last long and I used to use heroin furtively.’ One day, Sirous, wandering in streets, passed by one of Congress 60’s branches. He noticed the banner and walked in. ‘They told me that addiction is a disease and should be properly treated. Addiction treatment is not related to willpower. They said that treating addiction, just like any other disease, needs proper time and medication. Addiction treatment needs about 10 months and during this period, opium should be consumed as the medication. In addition, opium consumption starts with a certain daily dosage and will be tapered gradually till the end of treatment.’ Sirous followed his guide’s instruction in Congress 60, and eventually succeeded to slay the beast of addiction. Currently, he is one of the guides and a member of the executive committee in Congress 60 and helps other drug abuser towards redemption.


Source:Hamshahri Weekly

Interview: Adrina Iranmanesh

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Topic : Addiction Stories
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