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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- April 1, 2022)

Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- April 1, 2022)

Dear Bill,

April 1, 2022

I hope you are fine, I am well.

The tree-planting ceremony is fulfilled in most parts but some places are still continuing due to the weather. Winter is over and spring initiated and we celebrated the new year. Congress 60 was closed for the whole two weeks and perhaps some may be surprised that the first travelers received their OT for 3 or 4 weeks! Some may even discuss that it is impossible for a drug user to control his medicine (OT) for a month by himself.

But, Congress 60 has trained them on how to use medicine three times a day. We have tried this for many years and the relapse rate is insignificant.

Tomorrow is the start of Ramadan and we are preparing our kitchens to serve free food each night. We weren’t able to do this ceremony for the past two years due to the Corona virus. You are so greatly missed in this exciting ceremony that our own members cook. I will share some photos.

My communications with George continue, although, he was way too busy writing articles. My discussion with him is also sensitive and he needs time to reflect and answer. Anyway, I enjoy this communication, and once more thank you for the introductions.

I hope with scientific and logical reasons we will change the “addiction is mysterious, progressive, and incurable” sentence, Since I believe addiction is completely curable.

And now the questions:

All you were written and edited was great. I just want to add that more than 300 clinics are using the DST method in Iran. Other clinics are still using their methods and they will never see great results.

How do people in need of help get to Congress 60?

Congress 60 is transformed into a family or a tribe. Those who taste the freedom here will inform their families and friends. Others find us through our website and Instagram.

Is Congress 60 involved in assertive outreach and community education?

Not directly, but we support them with donations (groceries)

What portion of referrals to Congress 60 come from physicians or other health and human service organizations?

It is not that much, Maybe %5. We are planning to pilot the DST method in houses that keep homeless drug users. I think this is the best method to help them I think.

Can people who were once involved with Congress 60 but later experienced addiction recurrence return for participation in Congress 60? If so, are there any special approaches to their treatment?

Yes, they can. I would like to point out a few things.

First, no one whether traveler or co-traveler can attend Congress 60 without having a guide and being in a legion.

Second, a rotten apple can ruin the whole box of apples unless we separate that apple. Some are here to complete their treatment and a few are here to abuse and have fun.

We must pay attention to rotten apples. No one can be fired from Congress 60 forever.

Those who relapse after treatment completion must attend the ethics committee and explain the reason.

He may be asked to pay about $12000 for the second chance. We believe that the DST method can reach the person to a stable recovery and we have experienced it for a long time.

We have very few rotten apples within Congress 60 and they will be dealt with using penalties and even 3 or 6 months of firing from participation. Those who attend our sessions to have fun and spend time soon realize that they are being watched and this is not a proper place to do so.

Dear Bill, All of our services are free and people are serving with love, however, manners and order are of utmost importance. The order here outweighs the order of soldiers!

Having great manners, Speaking politely, clean clothes, and showing respect to elders are the indications of being balanced and well within Congress 60.

As I mentioned before my articles on 4 types of blood cancer (CLM, CLL, AML, ALL) were completed. I have presented 3 of them in Switzerland, Turkey, and the Emirates. The last one will be presented in the U.S. ten days later virtually.

Hopefully, I would be able to share the link with you. I am speaking Persian and my colleagues translate for me.

Together we will give this world the X theory to cure addiction and many other incurable illnesses.

You are always in my heart.


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