“Money-donation and Monetary Legion”.
12/10/2018 12:00:00 AM

“Money-donation and Monetary Legion”.

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
Guides of Congress60 are ten times more knowledgeable than any other experts of addiction in the world. We also need money and new places to get new forces and provide the instruments we want


The first  session of the 64th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on November  14th 2018 at 9:45 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and traveler Meisam as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “Money-donation and monetary legion”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. This week’s agenda is money-donation. In the spiritual discussions, if someone speaks of money, it is as if they commited a blasphemy, because in the spiritual issues, money must not be mentioned at all. However, I think the material issues are not against the spiritual ones. Money is a good thing if it is acquired from the right path, it is a valuable thing and it is not against the (moral) values.

If a person is wealthy and this wealth has been gained through the correct way, they can establish many companies and employ many people. A wealthy person can farm and harvest tons of crops.

All the countries around the world are doing their best to absorb foreign finance or find people to invest in their countries. When we have wealth, we can work. In the past, it was said that those who have not any job to gain money, are not successful in the other world (the hereafter) too.

In our childhood, some instructions we have received, but we have not thought about them, for instance they always asked us whether money is better or knowledge and if one said money, they were criticized. However, if a person has wealth, they can build many houses, they will use one of them for themselves and they will give the rest  to others, this person is a productive one. You see in Somalia, [some] people steal others’ things, they steal the ships because they have not money.


If we had not money, where did we go? We had to stay in the parks, however, it is forbidden to stay and hold meetings  in the parks. Gathering in the public places with this great number of people can make lots of problems, therefore, we need our own places and buildings. It is raining today, if we had not this building, we did we do?

We need knowledge in the country, and this knowledge is produced at universities.  We also need knowledge and we have gained it. The science and the knowledge we gained in Congress60 is unique and our statistics just shakes the world. All over the world, 98% of individuals will return to addiction after their treatment within three, six or nine months. These results are in sharp contrast  with the results of Congress60’s. The Narcotics Headquarters in Iran randomly selected 500 out of 3800 individuals  of Congress60 who were liberated from addiction in 2015. They tested their blood for methadone, buprenorphine, morphine, diazepam and cannabis family (including marijuana, hashish and grass). The results  showed that 88.6 percent of the liberated members of Congress60 are free from any drugs and they were given a clean bill of health showing that they had not used drugs for over two years. This is an incredible  and unique result. But no one believes that addiction has a definite treatment, because they think that addiction has no cure.


We need knowledge, experts and professional workforce. Guides of Congress60 are ten times more knowledgeable than any other experts of addiction in the world. We also need money and new places to get new forces and provide the instruments we want, that is why the plan of creating monetary legions was introduced and done.

Other NGOs ask why your pupils donate so much money. The answer is because our members are well  treated, because we have solved the problem of addiction.

We easily can see that Congress60 members are not only treated well, but also they gradually move away from anti-values. They learn that since other have helped us to get liberated from addiction, now it is our turn to help others to get rid of addiction. They have put into practice whatever they have learned. They have undergone many attempts so that a person can be liberated from addiction and now each will try to help others to do so. This is an invaluable job, this is priceless.

The annual estimated expense for an individual’s treatment is 1700 dollars. However, even if a person pays $50000, he is not able to pay the real price of his treatment. However, some wealthy individuals get treated but they do not pay that money. We have good savings but they are not enough for the next generations.

Each monetary legion’s member must pay 500 dollars per year and throughout the year they must think and look for the sources of money for Congress60. All the money gathered does not belong to me, but it belongs to Congress60 and no one can use it for personal benefits. It is the same as mosque  which belongs to no one.

Guides are invaluable entities, their value is because of training and educating pupils. They are not required to pay so much money. If a pupil donates ten times more than their guide, the guide must not be ashamed. This does not devalue the guide. We only want those who are wealthy do the job.

I hope we will have a good week ahead and we can  have higher money resources. The monetary legions must be more active. Since Mr. Zarkesh has become responsible for the monetary legions, the job has been more systematic and more acceptable. I hope we will have acceptable results in this week.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe     



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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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