Serving and Donation
11/27/2018 12:00:00 AM

Serving and Donation

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I like to donate because when donating some money, you can receive better things. In fact it opens a nice world to you.


An interview with a companion in the financial legion in Congress60

  • Hello, please introduce yourself?

Hello. I am fatima, a companion. My traveler, Hasan, had 10 years of destruction with crack, opium and methadone. He was cured through DST method with opium, as a treatment drug. Our liberation time from addiction is 6 years and 4 months and my guide is Mrs. Arezo.

  • What is the goal of the financial legion?

The goal is gathering the members of Congress60 together in order to help Congress' financial status progress and constitution of Congress60’s university. Congress60 not only embraces Iran but also it will certainly be globalized.

  • What is your feeling when you see the result of your financial help?

I feel happy and have the sense of being. I hope to serve in Congress60 until I am alive and hope the Lord help me to serve people.

  • Why have you joined the financial legion?

I am there to increase my faith. In fact, there is no reason. I like to donate because when donating some money, you can receive better things. In fact it opens a nice world to you. Since I was stingy in the past, I like to look at it from this angle.

  • What is your advice for those who want to join the financial legion?

I would like them to join the financial legion and enjoy its blessings. I think every individual who wants to join it should enter with all their faith and generosity. Maybe many people are rich but they cannot help anybody even with a 50000-toman note.

  • How much should everyone pay in the financial legions' week?

When you pay 5 million tomans (about 400 dollars), you can enter the financial legion and for the next times, you can pay it by instalments. Because Master Dezhakam said that those who are not under any pressure in their life, can be members of the financial legion.

  • What can a rich branch of Congress60 do in future?

We know wealth has energy and people can be strong with energy. The more the branch has energy, the more it will be supported and has a better place. People who attend these branches remain there longer and the branch can progress in all dimensions.

  • The last word?

I hope to remain in the financial legion for a long time, not for any feedback. In the past, I loved to give in order to receive but now I would like to be generous in a way that it can be one of my features. Because, as I said, I was stingy and always calculate. After joining the financial legion, I could solve my financial problems as well as my inner ones. I love helping others. I hope many people enter the financial legion. Thank God helped me participate in the financial legion and enjoy its blessings.

Prepared by: Companion Khadija

Translated by: Companion Sudabe

Edited by: Marjan


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Topic : Public
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hi I believe to open congress60 s university
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