The relationship between learning and staging spectacles”
11/20/2018 12:00:00 AM

The relationship between learning and staging spectacles”

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When tongue is incapable of logical speaking, staging spectacle starts. When you know the relationship between learning and staging spectacle, you either choose learning or baffling; therefore, a person may start changing and diverting the topic from the main topic to prove they are right

The 14th  session of the 63rd  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on October  31st 2018 at 9:45 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Ms. Salva as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “the relationship between learning and staging spectacles”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I hope you are fine and I am keeping well too. Before beginning my speech about the agenda, I have to tell an important point. For money-donation ceremony, you are not allowed to put the members under pressure so that they donate money. Monetary legion is for those who are able to pay this amount easily, as Rumi says: “Though I am poor and destitute; I do not accept a trivial aqeeq (a blue precious stone), I wish a unique aqeeq mine”. We have set the amount of annual 5000000 Toman (~500$)  for entering the monetary  legion which means that those who want to enter this legion must have a good monetary status and they must not suffer any pressure. Please do not put the members under the pressure to give money. It was aimed that those who do not do anything else but have high monetary potential can participate (in the process of serving people) and those who want to be a member of the financial legion are required to pay 5000000 Toman (~500$). This amount is not fixed, i.e. those who can pay more, do so, because we need lots of lands and buildings and they cannot be obtained with small amount of money.

Another point is that do not try to act like me, I may say something but you do not get upset because I  am your father. I have no hatred in my heart when I say it. But you are not allowed to say the same words as me. Therefore, you have to behave very politely towards the members.

Today’s agenda is “staging a spectacle” meaning that a person stage an event so that they can escape their own responsibility. Do you know who the greatest baffler in the world is? The president of the United States. Midterm election is running in the US. According to the US constitution, any child who is born in the US is  a Us citizen, whether or not their parents are smugglers, refugees or anyone else. If they want to change this law, two third of the MPs must vote for it. Now, the president has decided to stage an event to drive the minds away from the main issue by stating that “I will deport all the children whose parents are illegal immigrants”. He wants to divert the public opinion from the main topic to a marginal one. His lies are the representations of his baffling act. I want to say even in the highest rank of society, baffling and staging a spectacle exist, so that the public opinion will be distracted.



Or for instance, a man eats the food his wife has cooked and says the beans are underdone. In stead of accepting her mistake, the wife responds this way: “do you remember what trash your mom cooked and you ate?”. Or the man says something and the wife answers something else. Or a wife asks her husband for money to spend [for the house], and the man answers this way: “do you remember your dad did not give you a penny? Now, you are asking me to give you money?” The wife asks for something but the answer by her husband is something irrelevant. When one starts to divert the discussion from the main topic towards anything else, baffling and staging spectacle start.

When tongue is incapable of  logical speaking, staging spectacle starts, in response to the question: “why do you smoke heroin?”; one may start baffling by saying “your own family members are smoking heroin too”. Or some people claim that because of unemployment people are smoking addictive drugs, however, we have calculated the number of unemployed Congress60 members and the results showed that about 94 per cent of the members have a job and only six per cent are jobless. In each level of life or in Congress60, we may start baffling  and staging spectacle. A guide may punish their pupils and instead of correcting their behavior, the pupil may start staging spectacle and poisoning the atmosphere against their guide.

In Congress60 we learn and teach this point. When you know the relationship between learning and staging spectacle, you either choose learning or baffling; therefore, a person may start changing and diverting the topic from the main topic so that they can claim they are right [they are saying the right words and therefore benefit from it]. This includes both the high ranked part of the society and the lower ranked ones. When you are asked about your responsibility, you have to provide a logical answer and find a solution for the problem you have made. Or a person may be asked: “why have you taken bribe, and they may answer: “how about those people who have taken lots of bribe, why don’t you go and arrest them? It is none of  your business that I have taken a little bribe”. However, in this situation, you are the addressee and you have to answer why you have taken the bribe.

Therefore, in all the issues of life, we have to determine whether our action is a learning act or baffling one.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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  • bagher
زمان ارسال
12/5/2018 12:16:50 AM
hi mr. dezhakam i enjoy of your speech tkanks thanks thanks
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