An Article by Traveler Peiman
8/9/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Article by Traveler Peiman

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I had no palpitations, no stress and no sign of a hangover of ice after the start of my travel in Congress60, and I realized that ice had nothing for me but destruction and bad feelings.

My name is Peyman. I am a 33-years-old traveler of Congress 60 at Legion 11, my guide is Mr. Amir.

I used to take ice in the era of addiction. I don’t remember exactly, but as far as I remember I used to take ice for almost five years. But if I want to add the times that I have used drugs for fun, to these 5 years, I must say 7 years ago I got to know ice.

I began, like other people, to start taking drugs for fun, but I used drugs regularly after being engaged.

I used to be very careful and promising and very successful before using drugs.

Before addiction I was a disciplined man and I succeeded in my job. Then, I met friends who used drugs in some trips. I failed to resist not consuming drugs and I was entangled in the trap of drugs. For the first time, I took a little bit of ice. I felt very well at first but could not sleep for five night because of the same amount of drugs and I was very badgered and nervous. I swore and severely scolded my friends and myself. After a few months, I made the same mistake again, although I remembered how bad I felt when I was drugged the previous time. Again I experienced the same feelings and again the same sleeplessness [insomnia].

After a year, I noticed myself and realized that I myself had bought drugs and got five new pipes at home and in the car. Since I was suffering from anomia and weakness, I could not take more than one fourth gram of ice. Once I consumed 0.5 gram of ice, I suffered dizziness, pale color and pain. Since I became a drug abuser, I did not feel well yet and did not even do the right thing. My Carnal Self deceived me and said: “although you are not fine, you should, however, be as if you were in the past and do the same things you used to do exactly in the same way”. I was getting worse every day, I was still trying to do my daily work properly. I did not do even a correct and exact work in five years. Finally the Divine Command was issued and I got familiar with Congress60 by a friend. Of course, I also say that I never tried to get liberated from addiction, or even I had not that thought in my mind. When I arrived in Congress6, when I saw the very logical behaviors and the perfect laws, I decided to start my trip. After taking the first meal of OT, I became so good that I could not take ice again. I had no  palpitations [tachycardia], no stress and no sign of a hangover of ice after the start of my travel in Congress60, but it was good that after a month I realized that ice had nothing for me but destruction and bad feelings.

Now, after 11 months of my trip and being in the last steps [to get liberated from additcion], there are so many changes in me that I can’t bear [I do not want to remember] one day of drug abuse days. And now I am thankful to God because he let me be acquainted with Congress60 men, because I did not realize the depth of  gruesome situation I was in, and again I felt the taste of life without drug abuse. I am grateful to Mr. Dezhakam,  the base of Congress60 and my dear guide and all the members who are serving in Congress60. I know that after recovering from drugs, I have to pay compensation for the destructions I made in my addiction life.

Written by traveler Peiman

Translated by companion Nahid

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  • Companion Marzie
زمان ارسال
8/14/2018 9:18:48 AM
Thanks alot Ms. Nahid God bless you
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