An Interview with the Most-Respected Dideban (watcher) of Congress60, Mr. Saeed Namaki
7/3/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with the Most-Respected Dideban (watcher) of Congress60, Mr. Saeed Namaki

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The tenth valley brought me hope, it did not consider my faults as unforgivable sins, nor did it blame me for being in the deep darkness just because of my faults

An interview with the most respected watcher, Mr. Saeed Namaki about  the 10th valley.

The "10th valley" agenda was an opportunity for me to have an interview with the most respected Dideban (watcher) of Congress60, Mr. Saeed Namaki. I invite you to read it.

Good afternoon dear Mr. Namaki and thank you for giving your time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself as it is common in Congress60.

Hello, I am Saeed, a traveler. I was addicted for 14 years. My last anti-X was crack. I travelled with opium through DST method under the guidance of Mr. Reza Torabkhani. I play volleyball and rugby. I have been  liberated from addiction for 12 years and 5 months. I have had nicotine travel by nicotine gum and through DST method under the guidance of Mr. Dezhakam and I have been liberated from nicotine for 5 years and 5 months.

Please tell us about your experiences and percepts of the 10th valley.

Most of addicts who enter Congress60 are not in acceptable psychological and spiritual condition, and I was alike and I did not have good psychological condition too. I was very disappointed and anxious, I had no self-confidence. I felt so guilty because of my mistakes, I thought I was wicked and I had created numerous destructions or I believed that I experienced that condition because of God’s anger. The feel of having numerous unforgivable vices excruciated me. But the 10th valley reads" human being past attributes does not remain the same, he is constantly changing" which was exactly against my beliefs. Maybe an individual is in the worst psychological, spiritual and behavioral condition and in the depth of darkness but God gives him the opportunity based on his desire to compensate and to purify. But the next subject in the 10th valley is purification. It means that  if the individual wants to change an attribute and eradicates disappointment, fear, and inner resentment, and wants to be aware of special subjects, there is no way except purification.

Would you please tell us the role of "sense" in this valley and in human life?

As we learn in Congress60, "sense" is the main power to activate the wisdom; therefore "sense" plays a vital role. If my senses are more impure, then the realm of my wisdom will be less. Because the impure senses transfer wrong information to wisdom then wisdom orders wrongly. But if an individual replaces the impure senses with pure ones through purification, as Mr. Dezhakam mentions in this valley, the wisdom will order properly and the realm of the wisdom will increase. As the result of this, the individual will surely experience newer world and all things will be different. For example, an addicts will be able to experience liberation from addiction or can pass every vice or every breach of divine command which he has done so far. Absolutely he can have better experiences in his life by purification and creation of pure senses.

Could you explain briefly about the difference between excitement and sagacity?

Excitement is like the start and sagacity is like the proper movement. Absolutely, human has to struggle to reach his goals and desires and to solve many problems. In other word, he must persist.  Excitement stage is the beginning process. If he just stays in this process, the engine will be shut down and there will not be any movement. But if he can change the excitement to sagacity, the movement will be created. The excitement must be based on thinking and rational desires.

And the last words….

In fact, when a force, a subject or a piece of writing brings me hope and motivation, the peace and self-confidence come after it. The 10th valley has worked in the same way for me. The tenth valley brought me hope and it did not consider my faults as unforgivable sins or it did not blame me for being in the deep darkness just because of my faults.  It reminded me that I had done some sins and faults but I had to recompense for them because God is merciful. Therefore, the 10th valley is full of hope and I hope to compensate my faults by the help of this valley.

Translated by companion Banafshe

editted by Elahe


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Topic : Interviews
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