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"The Eighth Valley and its Effect on me"

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You have to provide the best conditions for the companions, they should have the same facilities as the travelers’. I want you to take the companions’ affairs seriously and to fully respect them

The second  session of the 62nd  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on April 11th , 2018 at 09:45 a.m. This meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mr. Hamed as the secretary. The weekly agenda was "The Eighth Valley and its Effect on me".

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Hope you are fine. Today is the 22th of Farvardin (April 11th). The first session of Watchers’ council was held on Monday.  

The council issued that all the Congress60’s members are allowed to have an interview with media to inform them [about addiction treatment in Congress60]. I was watching a TV show in which the members of a group [for addiction recovery] came and inspired people with their wrong thoughts. “If you see a blind at the edge of a well, it is sinful if you stay silent (i.e. it is sinful if you do not take any action to prevent the blind from falling into the well). We belive that addiction is NOT an incurable, progressive and incurable disease. The broadcasting media  have very limited programs about addiction. Televisons like BBC or VOA sometimes broadcasts some programmes about addiction and some individuals from Iran take part in these programmes but they merely state black things (they only show pessimistic  images about addiction. Have they ever come and shown the recovered individuals of Congress60 who have won the Rugby Champioships ? Have they ever shown the website of Congress60? If you surf the net looking for addiction treatment, oipum, ice, heroin, first of all, the websites of Congress60 will open in front of your eyes. Why don’t they ever speak about those who have been liberated from addiction in Congress60? Therefore, from now on, if you see something wrong is going to take place, you can contact them under my authority and talk about addition recovery and the X-system, say that addiction has treatment and we are liberted from addiction. Why do they show these catasrophic images?  Why don’t they show a picture of Taleqani park (where thousands of Congress60 members exercise and do sports every Friday)? Why don’t they show the ice-addicts who have been liberated from addiction in Congress60?  Therefore, all Congress60 members can take part in the TV or radio programmes to inform people (about addiction treatment).

The second point is that no one is allowed to broadcast the written content of Congress60’s educational CDs. We have the copyright law and all the poets and artists use this. I broadcast the CDs on the main website of Congress60 for free, but you are not allowed to send the written content of them online. The pupils are to get on a bus, come to a branch and attend the legion and listen to their guides, if they want to be liberated from addiction [otherwise, with just reading the content of CDs at home, they won’t be liberated].

I have the authority to send them wherever I want, but in its appropriate time. I do agree with using the Virtual Space. When no one knew what “website” was, we set up Congress60’s website and now all the legions have websites, but we should use this virtual space appropriately.

All clinics are allowed to hold companions’ sessions and cigarettes legions; if they want to do so, they have to contact Mr. Khoddami (for cigarettes’ legion) and Ms. Kamandar for companions’ sessions.

The next point is that having William White’s sign is required for birthdays, meaning that if a person wants to celebrate the aniversary of their liberation from addiction, either they have to get the William White’s sign in case of cigarettes smoking or they were not smoking cigarettes before. Otherwise, they are not allowed to celebrate their birthday.

The next point is that Mr. Alireza Zarkesh was assigned as the Dideban (Watcher) of Congress60. It took six months to investigate [his actions] and at last the Council of Watchers decided to select him as a watcher.

The assistants and agents should write Nowruz assignment (two Cds of Exploitation and the Right path), thereafter they can ask the guides to submit their writings. If you want others to do what you order, you yourself should do it first.

On the day of liberation from addiction (when you come here to get their liberation), the travelers’ guides must inform the companions and their guides that they are going to get the liberation) and programme in a way that the companions can accompany their travelers.

In the branches with companions, you have to provide separate accommodation and equipment for the border-guards in companion section. You have to provide the best conditions for the companions, they should have the same facilities as the travelers’. I want you to take the companions’ affairs seriously and I want you to fully respect them. And if you have any problems, contact Mrs. Ani.

The last point is that when the master of ceremony says “keep silent for 14 seconds”; they must count from 1001 to 1014 so that this time lapse goes on and the members can concentrate on their wants. Then, they can start reading the pray.

Thanks for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe


Source : 0
Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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