Let's Not Be an Island
4/11/2018 12:00:00 AM

Let's Not Be an Island

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And if we become an island, we will be deserted and eventually doomed to annihilation.

An Interview with Mr. Hakimi, a Watcher in Congress60


  • Interviewer:Dear Mr. Hakimi, welcome to Semnan Branch. We hope to see you more here. Would you please introduce yourself according to Congress60’s norms?

 Mr. Hakimi: I am Ahmad, a traveler. My anti X was opium and its extract. My first travel’s duration was 8 months using DST method with opium as the medicine and my guide was Mr. Dezhakam.  My sport in Congress is archery. My liberation duration is 16 years.

  • Interviewer: Please tell us when you entered Congress60 and how you got familiar with it?

Mr. Hakimi : It was in Ordibehesht, 1380. I had used opium and I was watching TV at home. Suddenly, I saw Mr. Dezhakam on TV. I was so mesmerized by his talks about addiction treatment that I found myself standing aware in front of the TV. I heard a voice inside me, this is the one who can save you. You should look for him. I found Congress60’s address accidentally a few days later. But it took several weeks for me to take the first step.

  • Interviewer: Please tell us about your first travel and Congress60’s situation at that time.

Mr. Hakimi : My situation was definitely tougher and more difficult than today. Just consider how transportation has changed in the course of time. It is incomparable. Today’s information, science, protocols, and method have had significant improvements. But it is the significant feature of DST method that works at any time.

  • Interviewer: Mr. Hakimi, please tell us about the first time you served in Congress60. Do you remember it?

Mr. Hakimi : I have just done my duty. After liberation, I did whatever I could in Academy Branch. I did not expect anyone to tell me to do a job. For example, the wooden chair’s arms had been broken down and I was good at working with woodworking, thus I took my tools to Congress60, bought needed parts and got permission from Mr. Dezhakam to repair the chairs. I really loved to do whatever I could. I was Marzban in Eslamshahr as my first position. Of course, I was accompanied by other Guards (Marzbans). Then, I transferred to Enghelab Branch, Robat Karim Branch and finally I came back to Academy Branch. I manage a legion in Academy Branch now and I am responsible for issuing the membership cards. I am the watcher of branches in other cities, too.  

  • Interviewer: Have you ever been afraid of being judged in your different positions?

Mr. Hakimi: In the past I was afraid; but not anymore because I have nothing to do with other’s judgment from which I can never escape. In other words, I cannot live without being judged. It is important that I do my best in Congress based on the rules.

  • Interviewer: Mr. Hakimi, Which one would you prefer to choose, an old friend or Congress60’s laws?

Mr. Hakimi : Definitely I would choose Congress60’s laws.

  • Interviewer: How long have you been a watcher in Congress? 

Mr. Hakimi: Since 1383.

  • Interviewer: Please tell us what should we do and which steps should be taken to become a watcher? What are the criteria and guidelines?

Mr. Hakimi: There is an important point concerned with this position. Those who are interested in acquiring this position and have its dream in their mind will never achieve it. I had never thought of it. When Mr. Dezhakam announced my name in an eye to eye contact situation at first, I had no reaction since I didn’t know what an important position it is. After a while, I felt how heavy the burden of the responsibilities is.

  • Interviewer: Mr. Hakimi, all members in any positions have the motive for serving others. Have you been able to transfer the energy you get from your close relationship with Mr. Dezhakam to your personal life?

Mr. Hakimi : I thank God with heart and soul for giving me the chance to serve in Congress60. I paid my full attention to Mr. Dezhakam’s manners. I scrutinized his behavior to learn how to build good habits. Such as words he uses, his reaction to a negative act or behavior. Of course, I am not in a position to judge him. He is unique. I have never seen him telling a lie, blaming or judging or backbiting. I am trying to copy his manner in my personal life.

  • Interviewer: You visited Semnan Branch last year, how much has it changed? How do you see it now?

Mr. Hakimi : It is fairly good. The interesting point I realized is the number of Guides which is substantially increasing. There are changes in the branch. The publishing department has grown, the website has been updated and the communication with Tehran’s branch has improved which is very important. If we lose our connection we will turn to an island. And if we become an island we will be deserted and eventually doomed to annihilation. It is crucial to have always a connection with the central office. It is a good branch, but it still has more capacity for improvements.

  • Interviewer: I ask you the same question I have asked other watchers who visited this branch. Have you visited the branch website?

Mr. Hakimi : Yes, I regularly visit all websites, both travelers' and companions'. For example, I check them on Mondays at 10-11 a.m to see which branch displays its Sunday’s agenda. It is my job. I am the watcher of all branches of cities. I should know what is happening in their blogs and workshops. Your website is one of our updated and informative sites.

  •  Interviewer: Does Mr. Dezhakam visit the blogs and websites?

Mr. Hakimi : Yes, every morning he checks the sites and posts to see if any information and posts should be changed, what they include, and in fact he is up to date.

  • Interviewer: And the last words?

Mr. Hakimi : You can ask the members to write their life stories, post the summary of the CDs on the website and work as much as you can. People’s writings are coming from the bottom of their hearts and will attract others. In fact they are a message for those who are still involved in addiction.


Interviewer:  Ali Arabi

Translated by: Prvin

Edited by: Marjan



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Topic : Interviews
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