Love: The Most Significant Element of Communication among Human Beings
3/18/2018 12:00:00 AM

Love: The Most Significant Element of Communication among Human Beings

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The path is always obvious and the right is perpetually eternal. Those who follow the truth can promote themselves.

Love is the most significant communicative element of humans



Violence, hatred and revenge are what have been prevalent in movies or today s' lives which seem to be less in the previous movies. Nowadays, love and affection are less talked about and their absence is strongly felt in psychology and psychiatry.

Love is the most important element for connecting and communicating with humans; otherwise, families are weakened and humans confront many difficulties in society.

In a society, belief in God and love must exist, though unrealistic, because no element can be a suitable substitute for these components. We have to deal with the issue of love and God and pay more attention to them. Without love, affection and with atheism, humans will fall into the depth of destruction and decline.

We are not aware of the secrets of the universe. We must be in difficulties but do not be despaired, because the world is constantly turtning around, today we may lose a little thing and tomorrow we may earn something bigger and more valuable.

Humans are constantly planting and harvesting their products and they always hope for harvesting a good product.

If we take God from someone who is sick or in prison, what can take the place of Him? Someone who believes in God is waiting for a miracle to happen and a salvation way to be found until the last moment. Being faithful [in God] is like an aperture or a string that helps a person to continue in hardships.

Everything depends on thinking, knowledge and cognition of human beings. Sadness, grief and distress are always in the humans' lives and they are not always the source of evil. Great sadness can bring humans to the lowest or highest point. Everything refers to humans, i.e. how they make use of these hardships of life [how they react to them], if they can create a positive issue from a negative one?

Negative thoughts destroy human beings. We should look at the bright side when we are in the limitations and shortcomings.

The path is always obvious and the right is perpetually eternal. Those who follow the truth can promote themselves. They do all their best on the path of humans' modification and revival and even devote themselves to humans. But reaching this stage is for those who know the meaning of love and sacrifice and believe in the survival of humanity. On the contrary, there are humans who only care about their own interests; they do not believe in others and exploit other people (consider people as a ladder) to be successful.

The universes are numerous and overlapping and it is not just this world. At the point we are now, there may be several worlds with different frequencies that we are not able to see them because they are beyond the scope of humans' apparent senses.

In the universe and the creation of the worlds, everything continues to move according to their predetermined programme and we are not able to understand and sense the hidden forms of subjects by the mere looking.

It seems that human beings have been alive from the begining [time of the existance] to the end. No ending is defined for the end of human life, [since] the end of each point is the beginning of a new line. If human s' apparent body is destroyed, they will appear in another body and we must constantly strive to find a path that will improve us.

Adopted from Grief CD

Written by: Companion Batool

Translated by companion Marzie


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Topic : Articles
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