Reconciliation with Nature
3/15/2018 12:00:00 AM

Reconciliation with Nature

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Every event in this universe is the return of our own thoughts and actions. I should be sure that nature behaves me in accord with my behavior toward it and the universe.

Joining nature, according to the weekly agenda” tree planting”


March is the best time to plant trees. Sometimes, we may harm jungles or parks because of our ignorance. In order to compensate for our harms to nature, Mr. Dezhakam has mentioned that any second travelers  (those who have been liberated from addiction) must annually plant a tree and take care of them for a year.

We should join nature and be in harmony with it.

 Confrontation with nature will harm human beings. By looking around and at ourselves, we will realize that we like nature in order to enjoy and use it. Howver, sometimes we even do not take a step in order to revitalize the nature and stop destroying it.

When we go to the parks or recreational places (jungles, mountains, etc.) which are the most beautiful places with the best weather, unfortunately we will find out nature, which serves us, is full of garbage.

It may havee happened to us that we have enjoyed these places (parks or jungles) and eventually, we have thrown our garbage in the river or nature.

If we look at this issue from the inside, it’s like a guest coming to your home and you cater (the best foods and drinks), but your guest throws the garbage and left-over in your home at the leaving time. How would you feel at this time?  If we don’t like this behavior, so we shouldn’t behave in this way toward nature too.

Do we believe that a leaf, tree, grass and every single part of plants are alive and they breathe? These issues may seem worthless. I confess that I used to throw trash from my car onto the road but when I came to Congess60 I realized how wrong this behavior was (throwing garbage out of car), and then I don’t do it anymore.

Every event is the return of our thought and action results in the universe. The universe behaves me in accord with my behavior toward nature and universe which are surrounding me. If air pollution in Tehran bothers me, it is because I have directly or indirectly contributed in air pollution. Anyway, it’s the return from the action of every person.

Everyone should first start their movement and don’t wait for others to start.

 When we start to change, the problems and miseries won't appear anymore. Mr. Dezhakam has emphasized to plant trees in the twelfth valley, the most important reason of which is to connect us with the environment.

It doesn’t matter what kind of tree we plant, but it is important to plant a tree in a way that we can take care of it (you should access the tree you plant easily).

Written by: companion Somayeh (second legion)

Translated by: companion Sahar






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Topic : Articles
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