The Bond of Love
2/22/2018 12:00:00 AM

The Bond of Love

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The pupil who doesn't take these two parts seriously doesn't grow symmetrically. All the programs designed in Congress 60 aim at people’s education, promotion and balance.

The bond of love

Legions are the strongest part of Congress 60; however, we should take the importance and the role of public meetings seriously. We should not say that the main part of trainings are presented in legions. In fact they are correlative.

The pupil who doesn't take these two parts seriously doesn't grow symmetrically. All the programs designed in Congress 60 aim at people’s education, promotion and balance.

I should make use of any facilities and appropriate condition allocated to me and have a better look upon the situation and be thankful of this system and structure. Everything has been given to me for free and in a good condition to find myself and vitalize my inner strength and treasure.

Transforming from an irresponsible and a weak person to a responsible and strong person is not a little thing.

Having its all specifications and characteristics, the universe includes two outstanding features or two significant items called “particle and wave”.

Every single person or creature represents as a particle that is a feature by which all the entities in the universe come to existence; however, all parts of the universe are connected to each other and need each other. Moreover the wave nature forms the bond of love amongst these particles.

"Particle nature" gives independence and personality to every individual and wherever it weakens they lose their self-esteem, their power to make right decisions and they become a weak and dependent creature.

The same problem happens to drug users. They feel they have no identity and are ignored. Everything should be placed in a balanced point. Sometimes it happens in a completely different way. An individual with a high degree of self-esteem knows himself independent of others and has no interactions and relationships with others, which means his wave nature has been weakened.

Basically those who are alone have no interactions with others, meaning their wave nature has been weakened. These two characteristics should be considered together. If one of these two features weakens, the balance in our life is endangered.

Attending the legions reinforces the wave nature". The legion members are always exchanging energy but attending public and private workshops is compulsory for them to rebuild and vitalize their particle nature, because the structure of the workshops has been designed so that the pupils can take part in the discussions and get involved in all the process of the workshops which eventually result in their independence of personality.

When the newcomers take part in the discussion after the first three sessions, their particle nature is formed. It is told in the workshops not to use the pronoun “we”, while talking, because this doesn’t let the particle nature be formed and consequently the amount of energy in the workshops decreases.

Regular and on-time presence in the workshops and legions will cause the symmetrical growth in the pupils.  Not only do they improve their particle nature they also have love bond among them.

Derived from: The CD “particle and wave”

Written by: Companion Batoul

Translated by: Companion Ali



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Topic : Articles
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