Let’s Know OT
2/15/2018 12:00:00 AM

Let’s Know OT

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Having cured many people by OT, Congress 60 came to this conclusion that it is the most complete and the best medicinal compound for addicts’ recovery and treatment.


We should know OT perfectly and try to respect it. Over the first millennium of using opium in China, Chinese people used to smoke it.

In the 16th century they used a mixture of opium and tobacco. In the late 16th century using opium tincture, not similar to today’s OT, got widespread.

Opium syrup combined with alcohol was spread in Europe in the 20th century.

OT is an abbreviation for opium tincture.

Congress60 has determined OT as the treatment medicine after years of research and several experiences of addiction treatment.

Having cured many people by OT, Congress60 came to this conclusion that it is the most complete and the best medicinal compound for addicts’ recovery and treatment.

Each 100 cc of OT contains: 10 grams of pure opium, 20 cc of alcohol with 40-60 percent purity and also 70 cc of edible distilled water.

OT contains 25 kind of alkaloids needed by our body which greatly help the recovery of addicts’ body and nervous system.

The key point about OT is the instructions of using it and the procedure of retaking it.

Mr. Dezhakam also emphasizes delicately that the presented methods of quitting or treating addiction just replace the medicines with others and never take them back. For example, addiction treatment medicines, psychedelics, anti-depressants and sedatives which won’t usually be taken back but are replaced with each other.

DST method come in when we want to take the medicine back.

Here in Congress60 the guides prescribe OT to addicts, using DST method in order to gradual restoring and recovering the system producing quasi-opioid substances in parallel with tapering OT according to a certain protocol.

We can assert confidently that without Congress60’s treatment method (DST), we could never cure addiction and take OT back.

In order to produce OT in its present form in internal pharmaceutical companies, Mr. Dezhakam and his family and also the members of Congress60 have tolerated and passed difficult situations to prove to the authorities that OT can be effective in addiction treatment and should be produced.

Congress60 with the help of a proper treatment method (DST) and medicine (OT) has treated the opioids’ addiction like meth which is significant as an incurable opioid in Iran and also all over the world.

In the week “OT” at first we should be thankful to God for placing Congress60 part of our destiny and for awarding OT to us in order to cure our body and addiction.

We should also be thankful to Mr. Dezhakam, his family and members of Congress60 who provided these facilities for our treatment.

We should be thankful to all those who serves in OT department.

There are 800 people who serve in several departments of OT in order that the first-journey travelers (those who are passing their treatment period) can provide their medicine easily. We hope they can use it correctly and properly.

Written by: Traveler Hormoz

Translated by Comanion Sahar





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Topic : Articles
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