A Public Educational Workshop in Rudehen
1/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

A Public Educational Workshop in Rudehen

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There is no doubt that food is the medicine of our body, and if I know to use the suitable food I’ll not suffer from so many disease.

The ninth session of the seventh round of congress60 public educational workshops was held in Roudehen Branch by Mr. Hossein as the guest speaker, Mr. Ahmad as the master of the ceremony and Mr. Mostafa as the secretary on January 11, 2018. The agenda was “our food is our medicine, our medicine is our food”.

Summary of the guest speaker’s speech:

Thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to be in Roudehen Branch again. It’s the first time that the agenda “our food is our medicine, and our medicine is our food” is propounded and it shows its importance. Master Dezhakam talked about this agenda sufficiently in one of his CDs, but why is it necessary for us to talk about it in weekly workshops? The reason is that, the only thing that we don’t consider in our meals is the medicinal aspect of food and body needs. The only thing that I expected of eating was its deliciousness and fullness.

This subject is settled down in our culture in a manner that we’ve had no contemplation in this field. When I thought about it, I considered that food can be both our body’s and our psyche’s medicine. There is no doubt that food is the medicine of our body, and if I know to use the suitable food I’ll not suffer from so many disease. Now if I analyze it from the worldview dimension, I can find its effects on my psyche. I should know that what the effects of different food are on my psyche in different situations. One day Master Amin gave me a diet to follow which was very instructive. I found that I can eat a little food but fortifying and healthy one. Regarding psyche dimension, the problem is that we pay too much attention to formalities. This highly affects my worldview.

I can serve a simple meal for my guests, and if I believe that our food is our medicine, it doesn’t need to live in luxury and to serve several unhealthy foods.  We eat pizza and sandwich to be full soon, without so many troubles and in order to have enough time to work. Our food is our medicine means that food is not used to show the host’s formality and snobbishness. We should consider the health of food and its medicinal aspect. There is a wrong view saying the host should serve several kinds of food for the guests. If we consider food as an absolute necessity for body, we ignore the snobbishness.

This kind of worldview helped me very much and we all do our best to have the simplest food which is the best one. We try to receive our guests with the simple food. If we understand this problem, living will be easy for us. Most of the foodstuffs we use these days are usually frozen ones. Master Dezhakam believes that using frozen food and freezers leads to Ulcerative Colitis.

Thank you for listening to me.

Prepared by: Traveler Vahid

Translated by: Companion Mansoureh



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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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