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Eventually everyone looks for happiness, but it is a relative concept. When we talk about our ideals, at first we should know whether they can bring happiness for us or not.

Everybody has a definition of success; having a house or a high class car for is considered as success for someone; and having a factory or being a king and a politician for the other one. It means that people are different from each other, but success is not the high position and the end of the rope, because we face an endless path and it is toward the values.

In the fifth valley, we have an issue called “returning from the anti-values”. Master Dezhakam said an idiom there: “You want to borrow money and nobody pays you, meaning that you are not worth”. What does it mean? What are the values? What are the anti-values? Anti-values mean humans do the work which decreases his value and credibility. It results in his discredit like a shopkeeper who uses drugs, tell lies, accuses others, robs and tell a joke in an improper place. That is why we move in the values. Wisdom has a very important role in the evaluation of humans. We should use wisdom and listen to its sound. How do we reach the goal? Are our goals accessible? Yes, they are. But you should divide the great goals into the accessible small goals. We focus on the quality in each stage.

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We have adaptability in the first week of the treatment process. The second week is stabilization and the third week is the good mood. I was fine on the first two days and on the last two days in each step, but I was not fine on the rest of the days. But my goal was passing this step to see whether I could do it according to the command of my guide or not? I found out it in four days and hoped to continue the path. I did not think about the long path or the high positions and the considerable successes; otherwise, I would keep away from the goal. If you are afraid of the hard path, you will be stopped in the path.

Our method (of treatment) is done step by step. It is true that outlooks are beautiful and if you don’t have a mental image of your goal, you will not reach anything. For instance, if you don’t have an image of liberation, you cannot be liberated from addiction. I focus on this step where I am, do it well and then I concentrate on the rest of the path and start the next experience. During the first travel (the first phase of treatment) I always said to myself, “I will use drugs if I don’t get better at the end of the step.” But I was fine so much in the last step. I was continually saying to myself, “If you do it (treatment) correctly, you will get rewards in the end”, or “Is it possible for humans not to have any cravings?” I resisted crystal, opium and other things so that all of them disappeared one by one and I could pass that stage. After liberation from addiction, I wanted to become a guide (for addiction treatment). It was my goal and I tried for it. Thank God I gained it two years later.

We should take two concepts into account: idealism and realism. So many things are ideal for humans, but in fact they are not. I should learn to be a realist in order to come to terms with the events happen to me. For instance, participation in the discussion is recommended so much in Congress60 which results in contemplation on time in the society and I can choose the best way and learn what and when to do. Humans move toward their ideals, but they do not deny the truth. We try to solve the issues with contemplation so that we gain our ideals, but we may obtain the things which are not our ideals.

When I was a child, I had a bicycle but I was happy with it just for two or three days and it was disgraced in my eyes and I wanted to have other things. As I got older, I wanted a motorcycle, a car, etc. but they couldn’t provide me with peace. I should contemplate and choose the best way when facing any problems. I should know that the problems are for our development, not for punishment! That is why we deal with  worldview in Congress60.

It is said when a great man was being token to the prison, he said: “Thanks God, I have enough time for contemplation”. It means that we benefit greatly from the hardest stages of life. We should know how to look at the problems. Hafiz says:

I Found him wine in hand and happy face,
in the mirror of his cup he would watch a hundred details

In fact, the wine here refers to one’s head meaning they can contemplate and see all sides of a problem completely. You should consider all of probabilities, just like playing chess in which you can choose one move. It is wonderful that you are free in this choice, but you are forced to choose the next move. For instance, you choose Congress60, but now you have to attend there at 5 o'clock. You can disobey and keep out of the goal, but when you make one of the choices you have to do it perfectly to achieve the goal. For instance, you want to go to Azadi Street, you can choose one of the transport vehicle like a car or motorcycle. But after getting on it, you have to obey the driver. You cannot choose the way and the car's speed. You can get off or disobey them, then you will be late or never arrive at the destination. So you give your powers to someone who takes you healthily in that path.

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Eventually everyone looks for happiness, but it is a relative concept. When we talk about our ideals, at first we should know whether they can bring happiness for us or not. Prosperous individuals are those who choose the most useful attitudes toward themselves and others by contemplating. For instance, in the past I thought it is not bad to wear inappropriate clothes and no matter how much money I spend on them. Humans should consider themselves and others. I believe that a prosperous person is someone who observes balance in everything; however, there are other possible definitions for him/her.


Written by: Traveler Mahdi

Translated by: Companion sudabeh



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