An Interview with Ms. Annie Kamandar, a Watcher
1/17/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Ms. Annie Kamandar, a Watcher

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I have a message for the female companions specially those who have entered congress60 recently to obey their guides and use educational CDs and texts in order to learn the required education step by step.


  • Will you please introduce yourself as it is common in congress60?

Hello, I am Ani Dezhakam a congress60 guide.

  • What are your previous and present positions you have had in Congress60?

I am a watcher in companions’ sports, a co-guide, a guide, the assistant of the Academi Branch and the archery coach of companions in Takhti Stadium for a while. But I have more experience in coaching in Takhti stadium in Afsarieh highway. Now I am responsible for the Marzbans’ (Guards’) elections in which three assistants help me.

  • Would you please tell us about your best memory in Congress60?

Well, I have a lot of sweet and bitter memories. But the best of them is my archery coaching. I enjoy and like that.

  • What is your greatest wish in Congress60?

My greatest wish in congress60 is that I can have a significant role in developing companions’ sports.

  • What’s your message for the first-journey travelers (those who are in the first phase of treatment)?

I have a message for the female companions specially those who have entered congress60 recently to obey their guides and use educational CDs and texts in order to learn the required education step by step. When companions enter Congress60’s system they think that they don’t have any drawbacks and all the drawbacks belong to their travelers. But with the passage of time the companions will realize the fact that they have some problems, too. Thus we tell them to come and learn the education and help themselves first to achieve relative balance and learn how to be in peace and accompany their travelers during the journey (treatment period) until they achieve their motivation and are cured, God willing.

  • What’s your advice about going to Taleghani Park?

Certainly, it’s very important for guides to do sports. As guides start and choose a sport, their pupils are encouraged to do sports, too, because guides will form their pupils. Going to Taleghani Park is both for doing exercise and recreation for us. We tell the companions that there is no need for them to do sports professionally. No, it is not the case. Come to Taleghani Park, there are coaches who will train you to learn your favorite sport.

The important issue is that doing sports make the quasi-opioid system secrete substances which are exhilarating and brings us self-confidence. It works on body and physiology. The companions can reflect the energy to their family and their personal life better when they have good morale. And it’s a great help to their travelers.

I suggest that members in different branches start finding sponsors for money donations to sport. For example, the members of each branch who deposit money to congress60’s account, can write on the payment receipt that it is dedicated for sports and gradually these payments will be collected and become a fund for buying sports equipment or we can help them in special situations more easily.

  • Has congress60’s education influenced your life?

Congress60’s education completely influenced my social and personal life.

The worldview is like a tool in congress60. It is very important for humans how to use this tool. Some members learn the tools of worldview and start criticize and judge others. Then we consider it as the dangerous side of worldview. In fact worldview is not a tool to analyze others. According to decency, an individual should learn the education and start working on themselves to solve their problems and drawbacks. The companions should not magnify the travelers’ weak points. This method can be dangerous and make the issues worse. Thus worldview is an important tool to use correctly for finding our defects and problems. 

  • How can we as companions deliver the message of congress60 to others?

“The truth will be revealed in continuation.” In fact we are the best advertisement for congress60. Those who have been cured, attained balance and returned to the society and their family. Advertising is not bad but it is important not to spend our energy on it. We should spend more energy on our responsibilities in different positions.

  • Many thanks for your patience to answer my questions. Thanks for your hard work and wish you success in all parts of life.

Interviewer: Companion Zohreh

Translated by: Sahar Azin



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Topic : Interviews
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