A summary of a William White Legion's activities and performances
1/17/2018 12:00:00 AM

A summary of a William White Legion's activities and performances

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The seeds that we have planted and irrigated continually with smoking cigarettes and hookahs, will expose its harms soon. If we do not find a remedy, we should expect a painful disrupted future.

Hello friends, I am Iraj, a traveller.

We start the session with the help of power and in the name of God. I am safe and sound and I wish you peace and health. I welcome you to the group and I hope you will finish your cigarette travel powerfully and harvest the best crop out of it.

Nicotine gum is like a gun and bullet. Even if you don’t use it, it will strengthen your courage. Negative structures in general and cigarette smoking in particular operate intelligently. It examines our susceptible points, find the lack of insight zones, then emerge from such areas and mislead us again and again.

The damages from each hookah are equal to four packets of cigarettes. The amount and depth of the inhaled smokes of hookah, are more destructive. The fruity hookah is like a bomb for lungs and respiratory system. If you knew how and what they were made of up, you would never touch (consume) them.

Each single inhale from hookah will decrease the trachea’s capacity by 80%. Other harms and dangers of hookah smoking have not been revealed yet.

The seeds that we have planted and irrigated continually with smoking cigarettes and hookah will  expose its harm soon. If we do not find a remedy for it, we should expect a painful disrupted future.

Short life, lung cancer, osteoporosis, ear fluid infection, early wrinkles, infertility, depression, immune system disorders, etc. are only a small part of smoking detriment. Cigarette and hookah would extort normal pleasures because of its temporal nature. We do not enjoy change of the seasons, tastes of the foods, amusements and flowers’ scent. Because, we often smell like tobacco.

Nowadays, hookah opened its way to homes and houses and become popular among women. The pregnant mothers do not know how the fruity tobacco affects their babies and newborns. The poisonous smoke cause physical and mental disorders and handicaps in embryo. Stress and unhealthy milk result in underweight newborns in physical part. And only God knows the detrimental effects on psychological and soul part.

The infection of ear fluid is a serious disease that affects people’s equilibrium.

The adoptability phase for nicotine gum varies between 20 day to three months. The more you chew the gum the sooner your body will adopt it. When the body recognizes that, it can get the nicotine through mouth, salvia and stomach instead of lungs, therefore, you will not be tempted anymore. Then, the body orders for absorbing the gum’s nicotine.

At the beginning and in the adaptation phase, do not put yourself in anger or stressful situations.

I want to tell you the heart of the matter and it is: when you have the resolution to solve the problems, they will not remain any longer.

Always take the purgatory bath then follow it up with prayers. Thank God for not being the captive of demon soul. You will harvest what you plant. You will reach the goal with mindful thinking, resolution and hard work. Your knowledge should not stop at one point. It is a saying that education is like a "gas tank".

The day that negative force knows that you don’t have a weapon or you don’t have a bullet in your gun, it will target you. It will not wait. Because, it has promised to corrupt the world and inculcate malicious thoughts into people’s minds. If you are willing to cigarette and smoking, you should expect diseases and pain in future.

At the end, thank God for giving us the opportunity to be here in Congress60. May God keep you!

Writer: Traveller Tohid from legion 21

Translator: Parvin

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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  • traveller iraj from21legion
زمان ارسال
1/26/2018 9:13:16 PM
Hello lam very thnks from translator
  • traveller tohid from 21 legion
زمان ارسال
1/26/2018 8:47:23 PM
hello I am very happy and very thanks for you
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