An interview with traveler Reza,  a member of Congress60's Sports Council
1/12/2018 12:00:00 AM

An interview with traveler Reza, a member of Congress60's Sports Council

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I hope that the method of sports management in Congress 60, which is an ethic-oriented approach, reaches out to the people around the world and improves the effect of sports in people’s lives.

Difficulty and Happiness, an interview with traveler Reza, from sports council

Hello, please introduce yourself

Hello, I am Reza: a traveler; my last anti-x drug was opium; I traveled for 15 months under the guidance of Mr. Mojtaba; I play basketball; and I am being liberated from addiction for five years and three months. I traveled 10 months for liberating from nicotine addiction under the guidance of Mr. Mojtaba, and my revival period from nicotine addiction is three years now.

Would you please tell us a little about sport views in Congress 60?

 The sport worldview is a topic that has been beautifully raised and formed its own shape like other topics which have been opened in Congress 60. In Congress 60, I realized the difference between doing sports in Congress 60 with doing sports outside Congress 60. I practiced basketball before coming to Congress 60. At that time, I likely committed a foul on the opponent for getting one score. Now (in Congress 60), I have recognized how those of my actions were bad and vice, and I understand the saying of Master Dezhakam reading that: "We don’t have any win or lose; we either win or learn". Just after that, I realized that if I am doing sport today, I want to reach health, treatment, and balance. In addition, if I am in my first trip, it can help get my cells rebuilt better and reach my treatment sooner; in fact, playing sport is a kind of supplement for my treatment. Furthermore, if I am in my second trip, catching health and energy are my goals of doing sport.  

You are one of the members of sport council of Congress 60, would you please explain a little about the structure of this council?

All severing positions in Congress 60 are for getting education and thank God I experienced these positions. I served as master of basketball referee in this council. Master Dezhakam is the chief of this council. As he has insight into all of circumstances, the decisions which are being made in sport council, are summarized and Master Dezhakam will be informed; they will be explained and after getting his final approval, turned to a sport code and then they will be implemented. The secretory of this council is Mr. Nader Farahani who has plenty of experience and manages council meetings. Masters of all sports are members of this council too. Any tournaments either in Tehran or in other cities shall be raised in this council and after obtaining required approvals, they will be executed.   

What is the working process of sport council, and what topics are inspected and decided.

This council works on managing sport teams and holding up the contests, as well as making required decisions. One of the important concerns in this council is sports ethics as combining playing sport and sports ethics together is very difficult, which fortunately, is doing very well in Congress 60. It is hard to convince players to be careful and avoid playing at a high intensity in order to avoid injuries, but I had observed that this is a precise and serious concern in sport council. Besides implementing, reporting the contests is another part. After each contest, the referee gives a report to the guardian of that sport; and if there was an issue, the guardian poses it in the council. I myself saw that due to a report showing one of the players protested to the referee in the field using bad words, the player was deprived of the remainder games of that tournament, and the team faced a punitive point too. It has been proved that sports ethics have high standard in Congress 60, and they are the most important principle in the sport competitions in Congress 60.

You said that your sport is basketball; would you please tell us about this sport and its position in Congress 60’s sport?

I like basketball very much, and I played it prior to my addiction and was really interested in basketball, but by starting using and smoking cigarettes, I gradually got away from sport contrary to my deep interest to basketball. When I entered Congress 60, this sport started working there too; and I was fortunate to play my favorite sport. At that time, Mr. Ali was guardian of sports and was installing a basketball hoop. Although I didn’t know him, I went forward and asked whether I could make a shot and this was a start for playing basketball. Whatever we have today, is the result of efforts that our friends have done in the past. Mr. Ali began basketball competitions by having only a hoop and a ground. After him, Mr. Amin became sports’ guardian and we could obtain two grounds. After Mr. Ali, Mr. Mohammad-Hossein became the guardian of sports, and now I am honored to serve as a guardian of referee beside him. Thank God in Congress 60, we can see everybody who has been given a position, has brought some progress into Congress60.  I hope that I can do the same thing and leave the position while I have made a progress compared to the past. Basketball has begun in Congress 60 five years ago and has progressed every year, and its basketball teams and players have been added. In fact, the goal of sports in Congress 60 is just being together and learning in a social context.

Thanks for allocating your time [to this interview] and participating in this interview. At the end, please let us know if you have any final words.

Thank you too for giving me this opportunity. As Master Dezhakam created DST method by his own effort and gifted to us, and this method is globalized today; I hope that the method of sports management in Congress 60, which is an ethic-oriented approach, reaches out to the people around the world and improves the effect of sports in people’s lives. 

Interviewer: Traveler Mehdi      

Translated by companion Ghesse

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Topic : Interviews
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