The Third Anniversary of Traveler Abbas's Liberation from Addiction
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The Third Anniversary of Traveler Abbas's Liberation from Addiction

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As it is mentioned in the third valley, if a person himself doesn’t search for the real subject, all the experts in the world can’t help him.

The thirteenth session of the 23rd round of public workshops of Congress60 was held by Mr. Kamran as the guest speaker, mr. Jamshid as the master of ceremony and Mr. Sohrab as the secretary in Shahrekord branch on November 23, 2017. The agenda was “The Role of CDs in Education” and “The Third Anniversary of Mr. Abbas’s Liberation from Addiction”.

Thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to be here. I deeply believe that it is the Lord’s favor for an individual to attend the workshop and sit on a chair here. If it hasn’t occurred yet, we should retrospect our inner side to know why we are deprived of this rich and strong source.

I thank you for your great presence in the ceremony of “Golrizan” and I hope good events happen for our branch soon.

The subject discussed in all Congress60’s workshops during this week is “The Role of CDs in Education”. The first four valleys’ texts help us change our thoughts and it is important for all members of Congress60 to understand them and find the key points.

As it is mentioned in the third valley, if a person himself doesn’t search for the real subject, all the experts in the world can’t help him. This means that I should try and move along the path and put the instructions into practice in order to stand in safe and quiet places. The key point is that information for thinking is as food for body.

Nowadays there are millions of books about the cognition of human beings and the universe, gaining peace and quiet, etc. while they have no effects on humans. 

Unfortunately, depression has been known as the illness of the century showing people have no access to rich sources of information. Clichéd sentences are not able to organize people’s lives anymore. What we learn from Congress60’s worldview is the science of cognition of humans and the universe which cannot be found outside here. Every week Master Dezhakam issues one instructional CD. None of the contents of the CDs is not identical to each other. Master Dezhakam mentions, “If I live for 700 years, I can talk about different subjects.” This indicates the importance of the CDs for those who want to live in peace using good and enough information.

Master Dezhakam considers a triangle including three sides of the foundation of Congress60 (Master Dezhakam), guides responsible to transfer the information and the information sources. There are 50000 members in Congress60 that get educated together, never have problems and tensions and observe all the rules.

This indicates the instructions they have gained from the CDs. We do exercises together in the parks, we take part in collaborative effort, like Congress60’s yearly camp with 300 members, without any problems. Basically Congress60’s instructions are the map of the path. As Master Dezhakam mentions we should transcribe the CDs in order to use your senses and understand the subjects deeply.

I congratulate the foundation of Congress60 and Abbas on his third anniversary of liberation from addiction. When Abbas attended Congress60, the first thing came to mind was: “I wouldn’t take any actions for addiction treatment, if I were in his shoes.”

Abbas attended Congress60 while his daily consumption was 30 grams opium. Addiction treatment is delicately done in Congress60 and the body systems are rebuilt so that they are rejuvenated and have good feeling about their lives.

Abbas’s cure is a master key for all the members implying that if Abbas was able to taper OT and could pass the difficult and critical situations, we are able to do it, too. He exactly did the work so that I admired his attention to the time of taking his drug, which I saw less in other members of the legion. He quitted the situation of using opium by “vaafour” (an instrument for using opium as smoke)

He has been busy serving the members as Marzban (Guard) in Congress60, which shows he has understood the importance of serving, altruism and sympathy. I am sure if Abbas has to sleep in a depot full of drugs, he will sleep quietly and deeply without any craving. That is the soul of treatment in Congress60. We know how to live and use the Lord’s mercies in order to live in peace ourselves and let others feel secure.

Abbas’s report of Treatment: Duration of addiction: 27 years; ; Last anti-x: 20 gram opium per day; Treatment Method: DST; Treatment drug: Opium Tincture; Treatment duration: 13 months and 7 days; Sports field: Mountain climbing and swimming; Liberation duration: 3 years and 1 month and some days

Abbas’s wish:

I hope we will hold the birthday celebrations in our own building of the branch next year.

Summary of Abbas’s words:

My addiction period was so painful. I had no monetary problems but I always suffered. Because of my job, I had to go to other cities and each time I had to prepare opium to take, which was painful for me. My family always raised objections for not being with them while I said: “I have prepared everything for you”. In fact they needed my attention and love.

Until someone introduced Congress60 to me. I came here and after 3 sessions in which new comers were consulted, I choose Mr. Kamran as my guide. At the beginning I had heart disease besides monetary problems but these didn’t prevent me from treatment so that I attended all the workshops and I was cured.

 As Master Dezhakam mentions in the CD “Jasmin blossoms”, “The Lord never breaks His promise if one believes in Him.” Spirituality brings about material things whereas having material possessions cannot lead to spirituality.

I got energy from the members when I entered Congress60. I don’t know how my difficulties were solved when I served as a Marzban (Guard).

Photography by: Kazem and Mohsen

 Prepared by: Arezou and Bahareh

Translated by:  Marjan

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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