An Understanding of the CD
1/3/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Understanding of the CD "Quantum"

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Here we check that the persistent and bright sciences that have not been always seeking high academic degrees but rather a clear and successful thinking has been behind them.

In the first part of this CD, which is about the knot of love, I understand that there are a lot of sufferings in our personal life. There are also many ups and downs that if we understand the goal of excellence and know where we came from and where we want to go and whether it (going) is in favor of us or not and if we believe it with all our being, difficulties will become sweet for us and never upset us because we know their end is good – its end is joining the Lord- so we are no longer confused on the path (of our life) and in this path we need to be trained by teachers and pioneers of the way. We should notice that if we cannot understand the meaning of some issues, there is a problem with ourselves

If we review addiction, the first times that a person consumes drugs may be the same as chemical fertilizers. It is consumed for forgetting problems, being carefree and refresh; and it gives a false satisfaction to human, but in the following, it causes destruction to the whole body of human as a result of frequent use and turns the body and soul into ruins. This science is dark in the sense that consumption appears good at first but its nature goes black after a while. Here we check that the persistent and bright sciences that have not been always seeking high academic degrees but rather a clear and successful thinking has been behind them; otherwise, those sciences would be the black ones.

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According to the medieval laws, we will go to destruction and enter the world of darkness and ignorance if we do not follow the right path in our life and do not know what we want and what we do. A component thinking not a holistic thinking allows checking the details and finding partial equations and predicting the future. It gives human beings this awareness that if we know what the effects of drugs are on different parts of the human body and also human psyche and worldview in the addiction issues at the beginning and what kind of destruction it will create in the future, we will never go toward this devastating fire.

Two individuals living together are just like the strings of rope that are intertwined and become a straight line sometimes up and sometimes down in life. They become bright points where they are the same and solve their problems by thinking whereas a dark point arises when they neutralize and oppose each other.

It means that, if men and women involved in difficult situations in their life support each other, they will become a straight line and they can create a bright point at the end; on the contrary, they will reach to a black and dark point, when they stand against each other. So, the quantum or the quantum view means that we should examine all the problems little by little in life and in the universe and we should understand the existence of the problems deeply to reach the true and real understanding of the universe.

Written by: Companion Nouria

Translated by: Companion Marzia Bisjerdi



Source : 0
Topic : Articles
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