The Miracle of The Century
12/19/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Miracle of The Century

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I am just able to say that the light of hope shined in my heart after years of ineffectual efforts for drug secession and I still feel this light after years of liberation from drugs.

It was one of the Wednesdays of November, 2009, and it was about one month that my husband had attended Congress 60 for addiction treatment. Every time we went to other NGOs for drug secession, he disagreed about my presence in those centers but this time he requested me to participate in companions' workshops in Congress 60. The changes of his point of view and trust to Congress 60 seemed very strange for me.

Since he was not in healthy physical and psychological condition, he did not know the exact time of the sessions, so we attended this holy place on Wednesday's afternoon. We did not know that the Wednesdays’ workshops are dedicated to announce the individuals' liberation from drug addiction and is just for the liberated travelers. After the workshop, the members convened in their legions. My husband joined his legion and because I did not know anything about this place and its people, so I had to sit alone in a corner while my mind was full of questions like: "Why are all of them in white? Why do some people have yellow shawl and some of them have orange ones? What is the content of pamphlets which are read in the legions? What is the relation between these 14 frames on the wall including nice sentences and addiction treatment? And so on….

After a few minutes, a kind and patient lady came to me and explained calmly everything that I needed to know about Congress60, its treatment method, and the way of my presence in Congress 60 as a companion. It was a pleasant and unutterable feeling. I am just able to say that the light of hope shined in my heart after years of ineffectual efforts for drug secession and I still feel this light after years of liberation from drugs. I remember I said to myself at that moment: "how is it possible to have such a discipline, solidarity, and peace among the chaos of drug addiction and with the presence of these addicts?"

I did not know that we would be one of the inhabitants of this unfamiliar land which I called it later “the land of light and love”, “the land of knowledge and wisdom”, “the land of patience, stability, and peace”; and its inhabitants have passed vices and darkness and have reached to peace and tranquility shore under the leadership of a wise and great man.

Today, days, months, and years have passed from our entrance to this new world and I know myself one of the members of this big family forever. I state surely that I have found the answers of my all questions with the help of the Base of Congress 60. He is a great and astute man who experienced the liberation feeling through DST method in 1997 and has shared his results graciously -which I call it “the miracle of  the century”- with other lost people in addiction darkness, who really want to go out of it.

Thank the Merciful Lord for choosing me in this period of my life to accompany the guided inhabitants of this great and significant structure. My respectful appreciation to our dignified teacher- Base of Congress 60 – who let me to be a student in this great university. These days, in the middle of last month of autumn of 2017, we proudly celebrate together the 20th anniversary of Mr. Dezhakam’s liberation of addiction together.

Mr. Dezhakam! The Base of Congress 60! I express my heartfelt congratulations to you and your dear family.

Wish you a long and prosperous life.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. 

Written by: Companion Sepida

Translated by: Companion Banafsha

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