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"The relationship between learning and staging a spectacle"

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In Congress60, we have complete obedience. We want obedience in full. If the border guards complain about anyone to us, we accept the border guide's statements. Because if we place an Orange Scarf around a scarecrow's neck, you have to respect and obey it as you pass it.

The fourteenth  session of 60th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 29 November , 2017 at 10:05 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mr. Amir as the secretary. The weekly agenda was "the relationship between learning and staging a spectacle".

Mr. Dezhakam: Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I am fine and hope you are keeping well. The number of those liberated from addiction from the beginning of 2017 till now has been 3704 individuals and it will reach 4000 by the end of next month.

The new building of Congress60 has an area of 605 square meters, its yard has an area of 200 meters and it is like a jungle (it has lots of trees). It has three floors, in each of which four apartments are designed. Each apartment has an area of 90 meters and it has a good basement. We had to transact with 12 individuals (owners) and yesterday the last transaction was made and prepaid. We are short of $250000, if we tend not to spend our fund. We also have to prepare inside of the building.

In the next two weeks, we have the birthday of the Base of Congress60 (Mr. Dezhakam). I had promised to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Base's birthday and now I deny that and postpone it to another date. If you want my calmness, (please accept that), because celebrating my birthday has nothing for me but bother.

The agenda today is the relationship between learning and staging spectacles. I use an analogy: They say as tongue stops speaking, music starts, now I say when the tongue stops logically speaking, spectacle staging starts. There are some people who are guilty and they have nothing (rational) to defend themselves; in response to an objection, they start staging spectacle. For example, a man enters home, and sees the meat is underdone, it has not got enough salt or the food is of low quality, he objects. In response to his objection and instead of saying: "sorry I was very busy today"; the woman replies: "Does your mother cook better than me? Or did you forget what you ate in your mother's house [meaning your mother's cooking was very bad]?" or a guide asks their pupil: "why didn't you write the CD?" and the pupil replies: "Mr./Ms. X also has not written the CD!"

When human beings encounter a problem, instead of solving the problem, they start staging spectacle. We had a guide who had helped 20 pupils get liberated from addiction, out of them 18 individuals have returned to drugs. This guide belonged to the group of guides who go on vacation (to North) with their pupils and became intimate with them. For this behavior, the guide is asked to hand over their legion. At this time, this guide may object, go against the rule and start staging spectacle. One of the branches of Congress60 had gone out of order and I closed that branch. They immediately made a weblog (to continue their work) instead of coming to us and solving their problems.

When we have a problem and we cannot speak rationally, spectacle-staging starts. Spectacle-staging is not good for us, it damages us. In Congress60, we have complete obedience. We want obedience in full (in Congress60). If the border guards complain about anyone to us, we accept the border guide's statements. Because if we place an Orange Scarf [the sign showing guide status in Congress60] around a scarecrow's neck, you have to respect and obey it as you pass it. If we place an agent's scarf (which is cream) around the neck of a stick (a piece of dry wood), all the border-guards and guides are required to listen to it and obey it. We have nothing entitled as "why" in Congress60. Otherwise, we cannot continue our job. We have stated several times that no one is allowed to object a judge or referee; if you had any problems during the match, you have to write a formal letter to the authorities after it.

Over 2000 individuals play sports on Fridays in Taleqani Park, what has made such an order? Their obedience and discipline. This must exist in all the levels. All the pupils have to obey their guides within the frame of Congress60 Laws. The guides must obey the border guides.

If necessary, I will close a branch if I see irregularities in it. Otherwise, we cannot manage the branch well. We have based Congress60 on voluntary basis. Since working here is voluntary, the individuals themselves admit to be and work here. If a person does not want to be here, no one will call them. None of the guides are allowed to call a pupil and ask for the reason why they have not come to Congress60. Even if a guide does not come to Congress60, no one is allowed to call that guide and ask why they have not come.

 In Congress60, we have no place for staging spectacle. Congress60's members are known everywhere. Even when Congress60's members go to clinics (to receive their OT), all the people know them; because they are obedient and well-disciplined.

Three weeks ago, the official authorities of Iran, the deputy head of Counter Narcotics Headquarters including Dr. Moayedi and Dr. Parviz Afshar, Judiciary officials, Bassij authorities and the authorities of Islamic Propaganda Organization   attended Taleqani Park. The committee for development of Public Participation was held in Taleqani Park. After 20 years, just now the authorities have realized what Congress60 is and where we are standing now. It is incredible (to them) how these people have reached balance.

Last week, we were talking about Congress60's educational CDs. When Congress60's members come out of Shiroudi pool every day, they eat egg and some smoke cigarettes and it will cost them about $5. On the other hand, if they buy one CD a week, it will cost them 1.5 dollars a month. It means that we get the best education that money can buy with the least possible expense.

The beautiful point in Congress60 is that when we encounter a problem, we change the problem to an agenda so that all the people become acquainted with that problem. A person who stages a spectacle, ruins their own personality, because we come here to be cured, get liberated from addiction and we want our families to live in peace.

I have explained the relationship between staging spectacle and learning in its CD. When a human being is not able to discuss something rationally, instead of apologizing, they start staging spectacle. Staging spectacle was previously an issue in the war front, when a warrior had no other chance; they turned around and hit whoever approached them. In response, the other person hit them. This story reached to the point that snake-men (those who take snakes) make the stage or the scene to draw the attention of people, this is called "staging spectacle". We should know the point that when a person does not do their work well and starts backbiting, they are staging spectacle. Or when a person defies to do an order and tries to justify their wrong, this is again called "staging spectacle". The punishment must be leveled with the wrong behavior (not more or less than that), so that the person will be led to the right path.

Translated by Elahe


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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