The Role of CDs in Education
11/29/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Role of CDs in Education

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To correct morality, we need a backing. "Force" cannot be considered as a backing for morality, because human beings are free to do everything in their privacy. The only backing for morality is beliefs and faith. People should know the truth that whatever they do will have a reaction

The thirteenth  session of 60th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 22 November , 2017 at 9:45 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mr. Amir as the secretary. The weekly agenda was "Role of CDs in Education".

Mr. Dezhakam: Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I am fine and hope you are keeping well too. The collected money in the Golrizan (money donation) ceremony was good and we are still short of $250000. Inshallah (God-willing), this amount of money will be provided. We have enough money (in the bank); however, we want not to spend our fund.

Today's agenda is the role of CDs in Congress60's education. The term "education" reminds me of a dialogue by Behrouz Vosough (an Iranian actor) who in the movie "Deer", played the role of a bad and destructive guy. In that film, he asked: "Did you ever teach me (how to be a good person) and now I am not a decent one?" Therefore, education and training play a very important role. I think what I have taught you is necessary for all the people including the illiterate individuals and also university professors.

Congress60 is distinguished from other NGOs due to this education. This education made us understand that we have to help each other. Congress60's members have received this education so they could collect more than $500000 in the week of monetary legion (Golrizan). All of these things are achieved due to Congress60 education. Nowadays, no one knows these things.

Who has taught us etiquettes? Who has taught us how to live and how to protect our family? No one! If there was any (education), it was just a little. In Congress60, we have a triangle including: I as your master am standing on one side, the Didebans (watchers), guides, border-guards and members are standing on the others. The relationship among us is established through these CDs (the third side of triangle is CDs). This is the cheapest type of education (since members pay only $.37 for each CD). If you work on a CD every week, you will buy four CDs a month and they will cost you $1.5. In the last two years, they asked me to give permission for increasing the cost of CDs. But I disagreed. You only pay $1.5 monthly and receive a great wealth of knowledge. Because you do not study any books, I recommend you that you start reading different books including biography of great men, [you should] know who Einstein was; study to know about the revolution of France. I do not want you to read Osho's books, so that your mind changes. In our country, it seems as if studying (books) was a disgusting behavior. It is written on the cover of books that this has been published for 1000 copies but only 200 copies are released. In Iran, no one reads the best books. People do not study while in metro, bus or queue. I forced you to listen to these CDs and transcribe them, therefore, you have got literate and your dictation has become strong. One of you had written the spelling of epilepsy wrong, we say many things but we cannot correctly write them, even simple words (as a result of CD transcription, this problem has been resolved).

Study Rumi's, Shaah-Naame (a historical poem book written by Ferdosi) and Khaje Abdollah's chants. Do not study the misleading books which divert you to a special school of thought.

CDs are the best instruments to unify Congress60's members. Every Monday, the related CD of the week is sent to all the branches. When we administer a test, we realize that the members in other cities outperform Tehran branches, because they are all educated in this system.

These CDs help guides in that their pupils can know their own status. These CDs teach the pupils to respect their guides, they teach them how to control themselves and how to respect the authorities.  In other words, these CDs change the wild [nature of] human beings into tamed ones. As they enter Congress60, they get upset with a small thing, because they think they have B.A. and their father is a company-owner [he is wealthy]. After a while, they get educated through these CDs and tamed. We are thousands of drug abusers gathering here, while you know it is impossible to gather a family of three or four members in a place without any conflicts. What has taught us to be unified like this? On Fridays, thousands of people come and eat breakfast together in Taleqani Park, and the families are in full security.

Congress60 website has daily visits of 35000; this is a drug-specialised website. You should compare this figure with similar websites' and see how this figure is different (distant) from others'. We ourselves do not write these figures, the statistic are reported by Persian blog which shows when and how many visits from which countries  have been recorded.

We are not following a special thinking style in the CDs, we are teaching what you involved with. We do not say help the poor so that you receive the will-be-reward (in the world hereafter). We say these things have their own place [they are religiously respectable]; however, if you do not help the poor; robbery and murder will increase, because if you do not consider the poor's right (money), they come and steal that. Therefore, a person who has enough money should help others. That is why Zakat on wealth (alms giving) has been considered. It means that you have to help the poor and feed them so that they do not attack you. Its religious award will be with it too.

We say both materialism and spirituality are important, we clarify the point so that we behave correctly. To correct morality, we need a backing. Morality cannot have "force" as its backing, because human beings are free to do everything in their privacy. The only backing for morality is beliefs and faith. People should know the truth that whatever they do will have a reaction and if they plant wind, they will harvest storm. Morality refers to the truth that one day everything they do will return to them.

In Europe, they decided to replace morality with other things, and they did not succeed. As a result, the construction of family failed and they are  now living alone. In the educational CDs, we teach them why we should not consume drugs, why we should respect our family, and what the DST method is. All these things are taught in the CDs.

I cannot go to all the cities; I could not even visit many branches of Congress60. However, I am present in all of them, the farthest branches are also using my education.  We have more than 600 educational CDs from which 150 CDs belong to Amin and the rest belong to me. We have a great deal of knowledge and every day and every week, we have new information added to the previous one. Other NGOs have only 12 items and they are always working on them. Their knowledge is limited; however, you are completely active and you receive your special education every day. Therefore, the triangle of me and you is completed by the third side which is the educational CDs. The link between me and you is formed by these CDs. These CDs have facilitated the guides work, because the guides can teach them and control their pupils. Therefore, CDs gradually changed to a very great movement. Before them, we used cassettes, each took half an hour to be prepared and it was very difficult for us. But now, we can convey content to all the members very fast and with the least possible cost. This has led to fortification of knowledge, finance and relationships in Congress60. I hope God help me so that I can provide you newer and better contents. Note that I have given speech to you for 14 years and every time you expect me to provide you with unrepeated contents. If I live for 700 years from now on, I have many things to tell you. I appreciate all those who are working in the CD section, including Amir.   

Thank you for listening to me.

Transcribed by traveler Ahmad

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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Thank you Ms. Elahe I hope you always good luck.
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