Capacity and Responsibility, Losing Qiblah
11/28/2017 12:00:00 AM

Capacity and Responsibility, Losing Qiblah

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It depends on our capacity. The absence of capacity will lead us to selfishness and vanity and causes us to treat others badly. Then we can't do our best for the responsibility that we have taken.


Capacity and Responsibility, Losing Qiblah (Direction), An Interview with a Companion.


  • Hello. Please introduce yourself.


Hello friends, I am Elham, Ali Akbar's companion. Ali Akbar’s anti-x: opium; addiction duration: 15 years; treatment duration: 11 months and 26 days; with the guidance of Mr. Mahdi Pousti and Ms. Sara; we have been liberated from addiction for 7 months and 24 days.


  • Please tell us how you got familiar with Congress60?


One of my husband's friends introduced Congress60 to us and he accepted to go there. But unfortunately his friend couldn't come to congress60 anymore because of a problem.


  • Do you serve in congress60?


Yes, I serve at Sheikhbahaei Branch as the writer to Ms. Sara's weblog right now.


  • How do you feel about this work?


I like it so much, and it gives me very good senses. I feel I'll get so much energy, when I'm typing the agenda’s text and it is specially doubled, when the readers comment on them.


  • What's the role of a companion in the family's good mood?


If a companion has a good mood, and can transfer her own good mood to her family, she can be so effective, and it will surely be continuous at home, if not she will ruin the others' good mood too.


  • In your opinion what's the necessity of serving properly in congress60 or out of it?


As Master Dezhakam has said in his CDs, it's all the capacity. We should have the capacity of doing a responsibility. If I didn't have the capacity of taking a responsibility, I could never do it correctly; even if it was a simple floor washing, I wouldn't enjoy it at all.


  • What's your understanding of the agenda “capacity and responsibility”?


To me it is beautiful because everybody should have the capacity of doing any job and anything they achieve. If I gain some money, I should have the capacity of having it. I have experienced this situation; once my husband inherited a house from his father and when he decided to sell it, I was frightened whether we had the capacity of using it correctly or not; Or can we use it in a right way or not?  Even though it happened before I came to congress60, I have always asked the Lord in my prayers to give me the capacity of using this amount of money. When individuals want to do anything, they should consider their capacity. If I want to take a responsibility today, I should have its capacity. If I'm going to be a Guard (Marzban), I should have the capacity to face with a new-comer that is in a bad mood because they may even mistreat me, but I should have enough capacity to guide them in a friendly way and kindly because I have taken this responsibility. When we serve as a new-comer’s counsellor, we should invite them to the congress60 kindly even if they don’t care.


  • Why does someone gradually lose their Qiblah (the path of righteousness) and goal when serving in Congress60?


It depends on our capacity. The absence of capacity will lead us to selfishness and vanity and causes us to treat others badly. Then we can't do our best for the responsibility that we have taken. The process makes us lose our Qiblah, our way and our goal which we have set to attain; and we will consequently lose serving.


  • How can we protect ourselves from the damages of losing Qiblah?


Only with contemplation, experience and education. We won't lose the Qiblah if we are educated, have experience and think about how we are going to take the responsibility. It is also important to enhance our tolerance and not be bothered by every unimportant speech or action.


  • What are the signs of one's change and blissful mood?


The most important is related to a change in my previous behavior and personal moralities. For example, I myself became angry soon and shouted at my kids. I got upset for the most unimportant things and I released all my outrages at my children. I can't say I have changed a lot, but my performance has improved much more than before. I become angry fewer times and I have seen these changes a lot in my traveler, too because he became angry soon and all at once started to struggle with others. Today he even guides and helps me not to lose my control and blissful state. I owe our changes to our guides, congress60 and Mr. Dezhakam.


  • Which of the congress60’s instructions have you been able to apply?


I think my tolerance level has been raised a lot. If one can tolerate everything, it can be a way to continue the path and find other valuable things. I like this issue in congress60 a lot and I try to make it more practical in my own life.


  • What's the role of serving in training the “self”?


It's important for me to serve and do the jobs that seemed low work before I attend congress60. For example, mopping the floor, cleaning the chairs, or washing the sanitary services. In the past, it was hard for me to do this kind of work because of my selfishness and pride, but I'm someone like others and this fact makes me to ignore my selfishness and pride. Also higher rank work, like serving in the weblog and website, can teach me how to manage time and make my responsibility perfect. For example, I can prepare the report of the workshops on time and also take care of my family.


  • And the last word?


I thank the Lord for showing Congress60 to us. My family and I owe our blissful state to Congress60. I thank Master Dezhakam and his respectful family very much; and I thank my husband’s guide, Mr. Pousti, who had an important role in his change. I also thank all the members that serve in Congress60 with all their heart.


Prepared by: Companion Azadeh

Translated by: Companion Mansoureh

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  • Companion fatemeh
زمان ارسال
11/29/2017 10:06:56 PM
Thank you Ms. Azadeh and Mansoureh
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