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"Golrizan: Money-Donation"

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We have to do our best (in money-donation feast); the agents, assistants and guides should encourage the members to take part in Golrizan (money donation). It is not done for my own sake or yours; we have to do so for the sake of our next generations, our children and our grandchildren.

The tenth  session of 60th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 1 November , 2017 at 10 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mr. Amir as the secretary. The weekly agenda was "Golrizan: Money Donation" with this message: Bad residents of developed buildings will cause the destruction of those buildings, but advanced residents of ruined buildings will reconstruct them."  

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Today's agenda is "Golrizan: money donation" and it is completely related to financial issues. If an NGO wants to work, three requirements must be met: knowledge, work-force and money, if one of these axes is absent, you will face problems or crisis. Imagine what will happen if you have the required knowledge and workforce and no money, you will face many problems. Now, consider that you have the required knowledge and money but not the workforce; again you will encounter many problems.

Therefore, if an NGO or a country wants to work properly, these three axes must exist. A country also needs to have professional workforce, knowledge and money. Fortunately, we have these factors in our own country and we have to have coherent plans so that we will have better efficiency.

With the establishment of Congress60 (20 years ago), we considered these three factors. The book "Crossing the Zone of 60 Degrees below Zero" had been written before the establishment of Congress60 in which the problem of addiction was proposed and then, the article entitled as "the Problem of Addiction" was sent to Sistan and Baloochestan University and I was invited to that conference and I delivered a speech there. Then, an article entitled as "No-Detoxification" was sent to Zanjan University of medical sciences and I delivered a speech in the seminar of addiction there. Before the establishment of Congress60, these issues were settled down. The second issue was to bring up the workforce. This was carried out from the very beginning of Congress60 establishment, because Congress60 needed its own trained workforce. Congress60 had to educate its own members, because Congress60's education was not found elsewhere and there were no volunteers except the Congress60's members; therefore, we had to train Congress60's members who were drug-abusers and were considered as the lowest rank of society. They (both travelers and companions) had to grow up.

When travelers are educated, they become like the burglars who become professional police after being burglars, because they already know the escape routes.

This year 3000 Congress60's members participated in the guide-assistants' exam and 600 individuals were accepted. This exam has become so charming that 10 doctors and psychiatrists took part in it too. Since they were cooperating with Congress60, they loved to become guide-assistants. We will work better this way. We need professional individuals not only for the guidance but also for border-guarding and even for being a janitor or giving tea to people. The family group (companions) also needs professionals including the masters of ceremony, guest speakers, assistants and even those who are in charge of tea-making must be trained and educated. In all the levels, we need expert workforce.

The third point is money. It is impossible to work, unless we have money. In other NGOs, when they wanted some money, they were seeking for sponsors or governmental aids to come and provide money for them; however, from the very beginning day of Congress60 establishment, with your help and the monetary legions', we have never faced any monetary problems and we have lots of money now. When you consider a family including a wife, a man and two children; they will need $12500 to 25000 to hire a house and pay $400 to 800 as monthly rent. Then, how is it possible to have a place for 500 individuals? Other NGOs seek for state aids, but I completely disagree with this. Because, if the municipality provides a place for you, when the current municipality authorities are replaced with others after a while, they will make you leave the place. If a person gives you a place, they may return it and we have experienced it for several times. Therefore, we have to count on ourselves. We programmed everything. For hiring or renting a place, we must have at least $100000. The baskets turned (to collect money in each session) provide money for daily expenses like tea, sugar and electricity. But the baskets' money is not enough to buy a land or building. To buy a building, we need a great deal of money.

In Congress60, all the services are provided for free. Today we are going to calculate how much money is spent for a drug-abuser to get liberated from addiction in Congress60. We have two types of capital: fiscal capital and social capital. The social capital is when a person works for you without receiving money. For instance, a person who is working for a charity is considered as social capital. Congress60 has very good social capital, because it has more than 50 branches all over the country and more than 2000 individuals are working there without receiving any money. No one gets salary in Congress60; therefore, they are all social capital. When a drug-abuser enters Congress60 to get liberated from addiction, we have to spend both fiscal and social capital for them. Social capital is boxes of dates that other members have brought for me. I have not paid any money to buy them (but they have). When we calculate  the money that they have paid, we realize that they have paid 20 $ for them. Therefore, the total social capital that they have provided for one day is 125 $. The fiscal group and Mr. Salami (the monetary watcher) have calculated the social capital spent for a person who has been liberated from addiction in the previous year. How much was the cost of a person's liberation? To calculate this cost, we had to calculate the monetary and social capital spent in Congress60 and divide the figure by the number of people who have been liberated from addiction. For example, if 4000 individuals have been liberated from addiction in the previous year, the total cost will be divided by 4000. Then, the expenses for each person will be revealed.      


Last year, 46.256 billion tomans (11564000 $) have been spent in Congress60 for 3823 individuals to get liberated form addiction. For each liberated person, 12 million tomans ($3000) have been spent. The daily expenses of each person will be 33000 tomans ($8.25).

We stated that a person who annually donates 1250 $ to Congress60 is considered as a member of Fiscal Legion. Then, we give you an appreciation letter in a Khatam (Iranian valuable handicraft) frame. However, even those Fiscal legion members even have not paid their cost of liberation. And to my surprise, some others only put about one dollar in an envelope when they want to thank their guides on the Guides' Day. However, five years ago, I paid about 3500 $ when I was hospitalized for the heart attack for two weeks.

If we exclude the social capital spent for each liberation, and if consider only the fiscal capital, 500000 dollars have been paid for last year's liberations. In this way, for each person, 125 dollars have been spent.

For each person liberated, 4000 dollars were spent and we received nothing from them; we are also paying all the expenses for their anniversary of birthday feasts including birthday balloons and banners. If they had paid their own expenses, we would have been in a better situation now. Amin once said that the saved money of Harvard University is about $3000000.

We are now buying a building for the central office of Congress60 for $ 1500000. Last year, we have paid $350000 for renting buildings for Congress60. All the expenses have been paid by ourselves and we have bought these buildings and lands.

Before your death, donate whatever you have, if you don't; you will leave everything for the heirs, and they won't thank you at all. Therefore, try to spend your money for charities. I do not mean to donate what you have to Congress60. Donate your money to anywhere that needs this money like charities, schools and hospitals. Spend your money to buy a place or provide utilities for those who have kidney or other problems.

These are the lands we have bought in different cities, where we have established Congress60's branches.

  1. Hidaj: two lands with an area of 1000 square meters each have been built.
  2.  Robat Karim: a land with an area of 450 square meters.
  3. Mashhad: a land with an area of 420 square meters
  4. Isfahan, Salman Farsi: a land with an area of 398 square meters has been built.
  5. Isfahan Sheikhbahaee: a land with an area of 647 square meters has been built.
  6. Behshahr: a land with an area of 3761 square meters
  7. Isfahan, Mohammadie: a land with an area of 860 square meters
  8. Varamin: a land with an area of 1000 square meters
  9. Varamin: a land with an area of 126 square meters
  10. Arak: a land with an area of 535 square meters
  11. Meibod: a land with an area of 821 square meters
  12. Semnan: a land with an area of 148 square meters
  13. Roudhen: a land with an area of 420 square meters, we bought it for $12500 and now it can be sold for $150000.
  14. Pakdasht: a land with an area of 1000 square meters
  15. Malayeripour: an apartment has been bought for Congress60


The total lands bought for Congress60 are 12 pieces with an area of  9166 square meters and we had seven pieces of land with an area of 4915 square meters which were devoted by Congress60's members. I am addressing those who are wealthy and old,  you will be blessed if you devote a part of your lands or houses to Congress60. Your wealth will be inherited by the children who won't be thankful to you at all. You can see that whatever you have devoted to Congress60 has not been stolen. I myself devote $25000 a year to Congress60 and each week I give $1500 and more and many expenses are hidden which I pay for them. If Congress60's money had been stolen, we would have not had such wealth and capital.

This week's agenda is Golrizan (money donation). We have to buy a 1500000-dollar building for the central office of Congress60. All the branches of Congress60's members must do their best in this week so that we can buy this building. Those who cannot pay much money can put their devoted money into the baskets. Those who want to devote more than 50 dollars should deposit the money into Congress60's account. Do it before the meeting days. The money should be paid through bank cards, we do not collect your money in the branches. Congress60's account is one of the most precise ones. All the paid deposits are clear. We have to do our best and the agents, assistants and guides should encourage the members to take part in Golrizan (money donation). It is not done for my own sake or yours; we have to do so for the sake of our next generations, our children and our grandchildren. We have got liberated for free here, in a time when no one answers you when you are even seeking for an address (people won't spend time for your requests, while Congress60's members are serving others for free!).

If you support this system, God will fortify and support your life, then you will live in peace. We all have to sow seeds, because we won't harvest unless we sow seeds. This week, we will have Monetary legion so that the financial resources are provided. You have a week to pay the required money (to be a member of monetary legion) before the meetings of Monetary Legion. Pay your duty in these days, so that the monetary legions can be held and continue their task.

The fines determined in the Discipline Committees must be paid and this money is their medicine and they can get liberated from addiction provided that they pay their fine.

I am sorry that the border guards have not decorated here with flowers (for Golrizan) today and that they have not distributed sweets and cakes.

Mr. Salami (the Financial watcher): I ask the monetary members and agents to fill the monetary forms very carefully, because (the precision of) our accounting depends on the accuracy of the information you submit.

Mr. Dezhakam: Companions will hold the Golrizan feast on Monday. In Golrizan, first the new members of Monetary legions pay their amounts and then those who want to donate less money will take part. We had not Golrizan in here so far; however, today we play the Thanksgiving Song and those who want to pay small amounts can come and put them on the desk.

When the Monetary Legion is held in any branch, the 11th rule will not be carried out.

In those branches which have not Monetary Legions for companions, the assistant must select the guest speaker or she can perform this responsibility, in other branches one of the Monetary Legion's members will take this position.

Thank you for listening to me.

Transcribed by: traveler Ahmad

Translated by Elahe



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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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