An Interview with Mr. Kamran, a Watcher
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An Interview with Mr. Kamran, a Watcher

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Serving in Congress60 polishes our instructions. Sardar (Mr. Dezhakam's master) mentions that type of expressions affects our discourse but performing what we say makes it beautiful. Whatever we know is ineffective if we do not put it into practice.


Mr. Kamran, a Congress60's watcher, is one of the hard working watchers of Congress60, in his eyes, love is shining. Watchers are the firm columns of Congress60. I invite you to read his interview.

Interviewer: Please introduce yourself.

Mr. Kamran: Hello friends, I am Kamran, a traveler. I had 20 years of destruction with opium and opium-extract. I travelled for 18 months and under the guidance of Mr. Ali Khoddami, I have been liberated from addiction for 9 years and ten months. Then, I treated my cigarettes under the supervision of Master Dezhakam and I have been liberated from addiction for four years and eight months.   

Interviewer: How did you get familiar with Congress60?

Mr. Kamran: In 2005, we saw Master Dezhakam's name in the footnote of an article in an addiction-related journal. We sent an email to him and got some information. Then, we came to Isfahan branch which was recently established in that time.


Interviewer: Would you please tell us about your first travel?

Mr. Kamran: I had experienced many withdrawals in that time; therefore, I did not believe that addiction could be treated. Master Dezhakam confidently told me to go to Isfahan Branch and start my treatment, his confidence persuaded me to start my treatment but I was not sure. Furthermore, the distance of my living place from Isfahan was 100 kilometres. In the first two and three months, I did not believe in this way, but after a while, as I enjoyed the taste of travel, I continued my travel and get liberated from addiction.

Interviewer: In what positions did you serve in Congress60?

Mr. Kamran: In that time, we held our meetings in a Social Welfare place in Ahmadabad Street and we had to have our meetings under a berry tree, therefore, we had to clean the ground under it. We had to make tea with simple utensils like a kettle and a picnic gas stove. I experienced all the serving positions including being a border guard, master of ceremony, camper and website agent. I served as a guide in Isfahan branch for five years. Then, I came to Shahrekord and established Shahrekord branch with Isfahani members help and I was Shahrekord's agent for two courses of time.


Interviewer: What is the role of serving in treatment?

Mr. Kamran: Serving in Congress60 polishes our instructions. Sardar (Mr. Dezhakam's master) mentions that type of expressions affects our discourse but performing what we say makes it beautiful. Whatever we know is ineffective if we do not put it into practice. The important point is to put what we know into practice by serving in Congress60.

Interviewer: Why do some people remain in Congress60 and serve while  some others either do not remain or cannot stay in Congress60?

Mr. Kamran: This is a cycle. Not any one can come and remain in Congress60 either in the first or second travel. However, generally speaking, it refers to the person's inner will. In my opinion, if a person realizes the core of Congress60's instructions, they will never leave Congress60. Neither does Congress60 leave us. Because serving positions tend to come, find and select us. This  is also related to the worldview, if the worldview is weak, this continuity will not exist in the person and in the second travel, they face stagnation.

Interviewer: What is your message for those who participate in guidance exam?

Mr. Kamran: I hope they will be successful and make best use of this opportunity they have so that their abilities and education will grow. To those who are not accepted, I advise them not to be disappointed. I know a person who has participated in the guidance exam for four years and he became a guide at last. The important point is that we do our best. We do not grow in the serving positions; however, we grow as we try hard to achieve a position. In this path, wisdom and knowledge come to us. The serving position itself has not that education. The effort they exert and what they want are very important. They help us to stand up after repeated falls. We have to practice hard so that we learn how to stand up well.

Interviewer: Please tell us a memory.

Mr. Kamran: I was in the first travel, and we had not OT (Opium Tincture), we therefore had to travel with opium. We were told to consume one type of opium because they had lots of impurity. Since I started my travel with 16 grams of opium per day, I calculated that to finish my travel I will need one kilogram of opium; therefore, I bought one kilogram of opium and I have to hide it in my father's house. I told him I have to hide some opium in your house to consume and treat my addiction. One day, he had gone to find a utensil in the second floor, and he had found one kilogram of opium there. He called me and asked: "who has treated his addiction with one kilogram of opium in the world?" However, as he observed changes in me and my life, he prepared everything for my consumption there.

Interviewer: Please tell us your feeling about the following words.

As he heard Mr.Dezhakam's name, tears were gathered in his eyes and said please tell me the next.

Interviewer: Mr. Amin   

Mr. Kamran:  Mr. Amin is the example of sacrifice.

Interviewer: Congress60

Mr. Kamran: Congress60 is the zone of love

Interviewer:  Mr. Ali Khoddami

Mr. Kamran: He is the climax of humility

Interviewer:  The book "Crossing the Zone of 60 degrees under zero"

Mr. Kamran: guide

Interviewer: a traveler

Mr. Kamran: a soldier



Interviewer: Which valley does draw your attention?

Mr. Kamran: They are all prerequisite for the next. Each is a key for entering the next valley. In that time, only seven valleys were written and I loved the seventh valley: The mystery and secret in discovering the truth lies in two factors: finding the right path and what we derive from it.


Interviewer: Which educational CDs do you love best?

Mr. Kamran: I listen to weekly CDs several times. The Pioneers and the Time Rulers were interesting to me. I do not focus on a specific CD, because they all have a great deal of information. A very important thing is that when I absorb their meaning. Sometimes, I return back to the previous CDs and find something new. To absorb a Cd, we need an enzyme, you have to return back to them and absorb them.

Interviewer: Can you please remember a sentence from the book or your guide which has been imprinted in your mind?

Mr. Kamran: A sentence by my guide reading that it is God's promise: if you step in the righteous path, He will remove even the small stones and gravels from your path. This happened to me and I experienced that if I have a wise want, that power comes to my help and removes the difficulties. I have experienced this in all the moments of being in Congress60. I was trying to establish a branch in Shahrekord for four years and each time I faced a problem. I complained to my guide and said every time I encounter a difficulty. He told me: "Be sure when this branch is going to be established, all the difficulties will be removed automatically!" One day, I went to the Coordinating Council for the establishment of Shahrekord branch and everything was done in a week and we held the first meeting in that week.  

Interviewer: Traveler Mohsen

Translated by Elahe

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