From Where to Where?
9/21/2017 12:00:00 AM

From Where to Where?

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The human being was created to serve (the existence) and other creatures were also created to serve (the existence). All the creatures must be beneficial to the existence, they must work and take the responsibility of one part of the existence.

The second session of 60th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 7 September, 2017 at 10:20 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master and Ms. Zahra as the temporary secretary and the weekly agenda was "From Where to Where?".

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Thank God, I am fine and hope you are fine too. Last week's agenda was the love valley: "love is the true existence, all else are empty containers" and today's agenda is "from where to where?". We had some changes in the annual agendas, because Congress60' calendar starts from September to the next September, just like an educational year, but the problems is that we have not the next year's calander, therefore, we may decide to have an agenda for a week, while it might be an anniversary of a great man's death and we cannot celeberate our own fete, for instance we decide for the companions'feast and we cannot celeberate it, that is why I decided to declare the current year's agendas, so that we have a more appropriate format.

When we entered Congress60, we were empty containers. When I look at myself, I see I was an empty container. We had a statement reading: "love makes humans' body upright, happy and young". We are nothing in the absence of love. What is the use of money in the absence of love? I was watching TV last night and some great men were speaking about love, Dalai Lama asked how large is the stomach of rich people, how many fingers and eyes have they? They all have two eyes, what will remain at last? You see Bill Gates donates 90 per cent of his assets to charity. This called love and wisdom, the last phase of wisdom is love and the end of love is wisdom. How is that possible that these people donate their money to charity? Many great men who are opulent donate their money to charity. These people have realized that " love is the true existence, all else are empty containers", they have realized that if love is lacking, what remains is empty containers. Love is not easily achieved, you must pay its spiritual cost. It needs wisdom.

If you love people, they will love you, it is impossible not to love others and they love you. If you see a case like this, be sure that it is not a real love, but a fake one. I have found out that nothing is valuable when love is missing, nothing is useful, neither money nor assets. Nothing can give life hope and vitality but love. The only thing that makes people upright is love.

Love is not easily achieved, you have to work yourself too hard so that you can understand it. You have to know why you love, if do not, it is a blind love. It is called a transient excitement (not love), if you do not know why you love (the existence). If it is a transient excitement, it will soon disappear and you will be sad and disappointed. You should know why you should love people. If you reach that point, you will find out. This is the same  as when you ask why I should treat my addiction, you should know this "why". You should know why you did not get liberated form addiction, although you had tried many methods. You should know the answers to these "whys". For loving too, you must know the reasons.

Those who disregard everything for money, position or materials, are totally wrong.  They may gain some profit, but they have to pay the most possible losses. In the existence, everything is designed very carefully. All the sections of the existence are connected together. God states that I have created human being for slavery (to submit themselves to the Lord). It does not mean that you have to be the God's slave, but to serve (the existence). The human being was created to serve and other creatures were created to serve (the existence). All the creatures must be beneficial to the existence, they must work and take the responsibility of one part of the existence. A farmer who plants wheat, a teacher who teaches, a couch who teaches driving, a physician who treats a disease and a housewife who cooks food, all are taking the responsibility of a part of the existence. Each of us must do our own part. We are completely mistaken if we think that a creature has been created for nothing.

Reaching the point in which we love all the creatures and get rid of hatred and grudge is very difficult and it needs a great deal of knowledge and wisdom.

Today's agenda is "from where to where?". We should think where we were when we entered Congress60 and where we are now. All of us must examine this agenda and see where we were and see where we are now. I was a drug-abuser and I am not a drug-abuser now. I was an empty container and a part of this container got full now. This container consists of love, wisdom and faith. I did not know authorship and after the establishment of Congress60, I became an author. I became a theoretician, a chef and a better athlete. If I observe my physical body, I am now far better in comparison to the past. In the past, a soldier took me to jail and the minister of Interior, the Vice President and the Commander of Police Force know me today and they gave me appreciation letters. I just tell you these instances as exemplar. My monetary situation changed. In  the past, my money was not auspicious but now my financial status is good and I am not in need of money. These are all the merits of being in the right path. They are the merits of the truth that God's promise is not a lie.

Congress60 had not existed before, but now how far has it progressed? While are NGOs are struggling with monetary problems, Congress60 has not such problems. In 1999, Congress60 has only six or seven members, but now Congress60 has more than 20 branches merely in Tehran and they have been rented for high price. In Ramadan of 1999, we had not enough money to buy a bowl of broth for our Iftar.

All the branches are now in the possible situation. The Congress60's members have the righteous thought. If a stranger enters this place, they never think that you were once addicts. In Taleqani Park, when Congress60's members are doing sports, no one believes that these people were once drug-abusers. The members' faces are the indication of being healthy and balanced.

The Congress60's members are in the summer camp now and I hope they would have enjoyed their trip.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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