The Fourteenth Valley:
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The Fourteenth Valley: "Love is the only true existence; all else are empty containers " and its effect on me"

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People think that a person with love is lacking in wisdom, and the one who is wise is lacking in love. I think this is problematic. Love and wisdom are not distinctive and they are not on the opposite sides.

The first session of 60th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 30 August, 2017 at 10:20 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master and Mr. Amir as the secretary and the weekly agenda was "The Fourteenth Valley: Love is the only true existence; all else are empty containers".


Master Dezhakam: Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Thank God, I am fine and hope you are all keeping well. Today's agenda is the fourteenth valley. Here, you receive a great deal of information, every week we release an educational CD on different issues. In addition to CDs, we have the valleys and weekly agendas. The quantity of this information is so much that we can only speak about the titles. The fourteenth valley is about love and affection and to my mind, it is about monotheism and theology. Because at first you have to acquire knowledge and wisdom, in the aftermath of knowledge, you can reach the valley of love. The fourteenth valley has 14 CDs.

Congress60 deeply thinks about all these matters and then goes through other issues. Almost all human beings believe that if you want to enter the spirituality, you have to leave the material. They think that they are very far from each other, they think if they come closer to spirituality, they become farther from materials and vice versa. However, this is a wrong belief. They are two sides of the same coin. Materials are not the opposite of spirituality, provided that whatever you gain comes out of honesty and decency. Whatever you gain from a wrong way will be destructive.


Gazali (a well-known theologian and philosopher) was once speaking in the mosque when his followers came and said the Caravan of spice was coming. He answered: "congratulations". And he continued his speech about contentment (being thankful of whatever you have). Again and again, they came and said the other Caravan had come and he got happy. The followers were thinking how materialistic our Sheikh was. After a while, a person came to the Sheikh and said a person of the village was ill and needed horse meat to be treated. Gazali immediately ordered to give that man a horse from his own cattle. He donated whatever people asked for, because he had gained everything he had from the right path.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was the same. He donated whatever he had and said to the Lord "I want nothing", but he was asked how it was possible to donate anything from nothing. If a person continually follows spirituality, how can they provide whatever they want for their life?

It has been a saying that a needy person is not faithful (to the Lord), because they will do whatever they are ordered to do; however, a rich person will not surrender themselves to people. Mr. Raheem Singh, a Hindu leader, has two million followers, despite this, he has raped two women! He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. His followers demonstrated and claimed our leader would not have done this crime and more than 14 individuals died in this demonstration. Then, he confessed so that he will be forgiven. What is this spirituality?


It is in fashion now that if you get closer to the Lord, you must stay away from materials. However, a little knowledge takes you away from God, and much will lead you closer to him. Rumi mentions that the rationalism's legs are woody, wise people are the central point of the existence; however, love knows that they are only wandering in this circle. This is a poem read by many people, people think that a person with love is lacking in wisdom, and the one who is wise is lacking in love. I think this is problematic. Love and wisdom are not distinctive and they are not on the opposite sides.

Sometimes we think that having calculative approach is wisdom, but wisdom is a God-given glory and it is our inside-prophet which leads human beings. Then, how is it possible not to have wisdom and be a lover? If a person falls in love and lacks wisdom, they will hurt their beloved with acid attack. This love is lacking in wisdom and faith. This is not love but a whim.

In the fourteenth valley, it is mentioned that "love is the only true existence; all else are empty containers". Those who do not love others are like empty containers. The worst thing for a person is to realize that no one loves them. If a person feels that no one loves them, they will die and becomes full of hatred and grudge, they are  completely empty containers.

Although in our literature wisdom and love are put on the opposite sides, they are not opposite of each other. Sohravardi mentions that if you know an issue and this knowledge is acquired from the devil path, this is called evil knowledge and if you acquire knowledge from the right path, this is called good knowledge consisting of thinking, experiencing and education.


Then, he maintains that as a result of acquiring knowledge from the right path, love appears. Therefore, the foundation of love is knowledge. Knowledge will result in love. A higher degree of is loving all the creatures and this love is ranked higher than the love between two persons. The love of all creatures works this way: the lover will continue their path eagerly, even if they are misbehaved. The same is mentioned by Einolghozat Hamedani, the theologian, that the lover has nothing to do with the beloved but with "love". We teach our pupils with love but they scold us and misbehave. We have nothing to do with our pupils, they are not our party.

Sohravardi also believed that the foundation of love is knowledge, therefore, love and wisdom are not on the opposite sides, the same is true for love and faith, they are not contradictory. In Congress60, we have concluded that wisdom, love and faith are the three sides of a triangle which we need. Love without wisdom and faith is whim. Consider a person who has worked all his life and  not spent his money, he will die and the heir will receive all his properties and assets. This is not wisdom, it is a disease,  but if he had wisdom, he would have spent his money.

A lamb was swimming in the river when a wolf came and asked: "why are you making dust in the water?", the lamb answered it was not possible to make water dusty. But the wolf persisted. The lamb answered: "if you want to eat me, come and eat, but it is impossible to make water dusty!".

For balancing the society, it is necessary that people donate their money, when you donate you money, the needy will find something to eat, but when you do not do that, they will become thief and come and take whatever they want. Helping people is not for the sake of receiving reward, behind this reward lies a thought. If they tell you to help people is because a balance must be made in the society. A disaster will happen if all the people become hungry.


Next week's agenda is "from where to where". This agenda will tell us where we stood in the previous years before entering Congress60 and now where we are.


This Friday, the summer camp will begin and God-willing they will experience a good summer camp.


Light has two traits: particle and wave. The same exits in Congress60. Legions grow the particle trait in the pupils, while the meeting is its wave trait. It means that if the guide is absent in the meeting, the guide and their pupils are lacking in the wave trait. That is why we declared that those guides who are absent in the meetings cannot introduce themselves and admit new comers in their legions. When the guide is absent, their pupils are absent too. The pupils are in need of the meetings, the meetings are have the wave trait and if the meetings were not held, we were all imperfect. Therefore, the presence of the guides is necessary. Do not think that the guides are not needed to attend the meetings. Take this point seriously.

Thanks you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe 

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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