The X-System
8/22/2017 12:00:00 AM

The X-System

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It is about twenty years that we have carried out this pathophysiology and achieved results. Addiction is still categorized as "disorder"; however, in Congress60, it is not a disorder, but a disease!

The fourteenth session of 59th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 19 July, 2017 at 10:25 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master and Mrs. Zahra as the secretary and the weekly agenda was "The X System".

Master Dezhakam: Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I hope you are fine, thank God I am fine too. Hope you have enjoyed your vacation. Although many members travelled in the vacation, some did not. We have to travel in our vacation because our vacation is only three weeks (two weeks in Nowrouz and one in the summer). In the past, we had different thoughts, we did not allow the (first travel) pupils to travel. Nowadays; however, if the guide thinks it is appropriate to allow them to travel, they can do that. When a pupil has just started their travel, they are not allowed to travel. All the families must learn to save money for travel.

Generally, everything is good (in Congress60), the expenditures are a lot and we have to prepare ourselves for the monetary legions (so that the members get ready to serve in the monetary legions).

Today's agenda is the X-system. I was talking to Dr. Shahraki, a psychiatrist. Our discussion was about the truth that diseases are of two types: illnesses and disorders. For instance, if we analyse the brain of a person with Alzheimer's disease after their death, some extra substances are visible in their brains; however, if you examine the brain of a patient with schizophrenia, you see there is no difference between their brain and the brain of a healthy person, this is called "disorder". They do not consider the disorders as illness; therefore, they categorise it under the psychiatry. Bipolarity, schizophrenia and addiction have been assigned to the disorder category, because they (scientists) do not know them, they are not considered as diseases.

If the disorder is known, it is categorized under the disease category; and it will leave the psychiatry. Addiction was categorized under the disorder group, because no signs were identified for that. All the diseases have their own history behind them. After their history and some other factors, they enter the field of pathophysiology meaning that the disease is pathophysiologically analysed. For instance, they realized that in colitis, the large intestine is inflated, wounded and infected; this is called pathophysiology.

All diseases have pathophysiology  and on the basis of this, medicine is prescribed and the treating protocol is carried out. Some diseases may have several treating protocols and medicines. Pathophysiology of a disease may take two years; however, we have no pathophysiology for addiction. What does this X-system do in the future? We realized that if we see smoke coming from behind a mountain, we conclude that definitely there must be fire behind the mountain. In addiction pathophysiology, we have not seen the fire; however, we have seen the signs. These signs show themselves in the X-system theory.

The X-theory is the pathophysiology of addiction speaking about addiction. The pathophysiology of addiction tells us that as a result of consuming addictive drugs, the production of quasi-opioid substances, neurotransmitters, hormones, mediators, and endocrine glands has been impaired. In some countries, they may measure the amount of serotonin, adrenaline and endorphin. The pathophysiology of addiction tells us that the production of these substances has been impaired, then it presents the protocol and mentions that we treat the destructions using opium. One may ask: "why opium?", because opium has 25 alkaloids and derivatives and its derivatives are the same as our body's quasi-opioid substances. These substances (of opium) provide the need of body.

Opium tincture (OT) is the same as a stick which a person with a broken leg walks with. We have carried out this pathophysiology for twenty years. We started our experiment on 5 February 1996. It is about twenty years that we have carried out this pathophysiology and achieved the result. Today, more than 20 thousands of Congress60's members have been definitely liberated from addiction. Addiction is still categorized as "disorder"; however, in Congress60, it is not a disorder, but a disease! They still see addiction as an incurable phenomenon; however, it is treated in Congress60 just like a piece of cake. Between 70 and 100 individuals are weekly liberated from addiction in Congress60.

When a person enters Congress60, they do not notice addiction anymore, because they are under treatment. Then, the X-theory went further and mentioned that not only addiction but also other diseases do appear as the impairment of the X-system. The X-system is a set of neurotransmitters, hormones, mediators, and endocrine and Extracorporeal glands. Mediators relate the body organs together. Hormones are like radio which broadcast (the messages) throughout the body. Many diseases including Alzheimer, MS, autism and colitis appear as the result of the X-system impairments. If the X-system is reconstructed and restored, the disease will be treated. We are not allowed to carry out such experiments on human beings.

We have received some reports indicating that other diseases have been treated using the DST method in addition to addiction. Infertility was also treated as addiction was treated using the DST method, because infertility is the result of an impairment in the X-system. I hope in this week you speak in this regard. One day, God willing, the X-system will be confirmed and it will transform the treatment of the diseases from its current status into a (completely new and effective) phase.

Translated by Elahe


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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