The Thirteenth valley:The end of each point is the beginning of a new line
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The Thirteenth valley:The end of each point is the beginning of a new line

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The important point is that the quality of an end will affect the quality of the new beginning. We are writers of our own life-story.

Only God experiences no beginning and no end. It is as if brooks join together to form roaring rivers and bring the message to all the people, through this process, humanity's goals and desires are shaped. These images lead us to the truth. "The end of each point is the beginning of a new line "            Master Dezhakam  overcame many challenges, so that he could form the ocean. He is always teaching human beings how to go from one point to another to become four-dimensional people. The truth has never an end and beginning. Wise people always seek to build the truth while ignorant  people are not able to see the light. They are always confused and get stuck at the beginning of route.

For years, my teacher told us to put full stop at the end of a sentence and begin a new sentence. For years, I heard it but I didn't know the meaning of this sentence, the fact that the end of each point is the beginning of a new line. In fact, I didn't know the real meaning of point until I got familiar with Congress60. Congress60 showed me what I was looking for. Eventually the truth emerged, I got familiar with   truth and continue.

Before attending Congress60, I was like a volcano, full of fear, grudge, hatred, anger and frustration. I experienced good ending at the Congress60. I hope the path of our life roads will be full of love, peace, kindness and calmness. I hope we could have passed the Devil, experience the end of line and start the next line by divine lights. Think about our past and our sadness and about much better present positions we have through Congress60. Life always flows and we are always alive. But how? How we continue our life is important. To do so, we have to accept a new responsibility as we finish the previous one.

Now let speak about the treatment of addiction which is related to the thirteenth valley. According to this valley, constructing the physical body needs improving three sides of treatment triangle (body, psyche and worldview) simultaneously. Congress60's goal is the revival of unbalanced people with lots of destructions and changing them into balanced people with acceptable and positive structures. This balance should happen correctly in several steps (appropriate place, time, words and appropriate outcome). And this issue cannot be done without education (improving the side of worldview). Therefore; the majority of Congress60's weekly agendas are designed to achieve this goal.

By hearing the message of the thirteenth valley, a big change will happen in our worldview. The thirteenth valley reads: the end of each point is the beginning of a new line. We might think that whatever we try to reach will finish one day and since we have no idea about what happen next,  we think everything has finished. Certainly, such approach makes us disappointed. For instance, there is an expression in our culture which says "so what". For example a student before entering to the university thinks, so what if I go to university? In this instance, I think they are mistaken.

 If I want to show a greater example, I refer to a viewpoint of life which is the same as a message of the thirteenth valley. Some people don't believe in the life after death. In their idea, the end of life is the same as end of everything. And this incorrect attitude towards life makes them not be able to go the way of life properly, so they feel disappointed.

The thirteenth valley indicates a very important point. This valley reads: "  The end of each point is the beginning of   a new line".

As a point ends, another period will start. By ending a day, tomorrow will start. By ending an educational course, another course will start and finally when a life is over, it doesn’t end , in fact it will start again in a different place in a different form.

The important point is that the quality of an end will affect the quality of the new beginning. We are writers of ourown  life-story. If we write a   line with a good end, definitely, the next line will be good. We select the quality of our life. It can be full of chances of happiness and success and can be full of grief, failure and negative energies. And it will be selected by ourselves. Therefore, the end of each point is a strong reason for human survival. And the next point will depend on our inner moves. Life events can be dark events that keep us out of the way. And returning to the original route may take years. One of these  dark events is addiction. Both Congress60 travelers and companions in order to come out of addiction darkness, leave the ending point, then, they think for something new.

As a book is closed, another book will open. As one of Congress60's travelers ends their travel, another traveler will start their travel. No culture is asleep from its evolution. The point is the ending of a period, a meaningful period. The point in the earth and in the sky turns into line. Finally, three- dimensional people come to love, wisdom and faith.

This world is not a world of stop and disappointment, it is going on. Of course, the beginnings and the ends will be sweet. With thinking, human beings can continue their life without fear.

Translated by Companion Shirin

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