A Private Educatinal Workshop by Mr. Hakimi
8/5/2017 12:00:00 AM

A Private Educatinal Workshop by Mr. Hakimi

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However, by setting this agenda, Congress60 aims to give us the ability of solving our problems as well as getting power to develop our “selves”, say “No” to unreasonable wills.

The second session of 63th round of companions’ workshops in Academi branch was held at 5:00 p.m. by Mr. Hakimi  (the watcher) as the guest speaker, Mrs. Mona as the master of ceremony and Ms. Najmeh as the secretary. The weekly agenda was “job, education, power”.

Mr. Hakimi’s words:

When the companions’ department of Congress60 was founded, the companions thought whether Congress60 would have any benefits for them or not.  But they gradually noticed their common features with travellers. Sardar says, “God doesn't provide learning opportunity for everyone and if it is given, s/he must be grateful and make great efforts to get her/his aim. Worldview instructions of Congress60 is not only for members but also for all humans.

When the agenda “job, education, power” was added to annual agenda list, several points were taken into consideration. In addition to transferring some information to us, it introduced some outcomes to us including the fact that todays’ members who are studying are the future teachers and instructors in Congress60’s Academy.

Job has different meanings for everyone but it can be an activity to receive and give energy to others.  Education does not refer to just academic ones, but rather learning the worldview and knowing the rules of nature; and power is the ability to obtain the wills.

Some known people planned to close Academy branch some years ago, so it was closed for 54 days and they supposed Congress60 came to an end.  But Mr. Dezhakam resisted strongly, he devised and proceeded based on decency. Finally, those people had to reopen Congress60 and became Congress60’s advocates. This is not incidental, rather it needed a special power exists in Mr.  Dezhakam’s character. This power is in his words, which can disintegrate stones, thoughts and behaviour and it helped him to win; even the wicked people own the sides of this triangle (words, thoughts and behaviour).

However, by setting this agenda, Congress60 aims to give us the ability of solving our problems as well as getting power to develop our “selves”, say “No” to unreasonable wills. It is very important for us to know the reason of saying “No” to them in the path of purification. We must be aware of the wills and their nature, in addition, we must have the ability to guide them to reach to the desirable result.

All of us are educating in Congress60 and we are pupils here. We are educating the worldview lessons which are invaluable. When I entered Congress60, in spite of finding the right way and lighting upon the solution, the negative energies continued their work to stop me. So I started to peruse Congress60 subjects and I gradually realized the value of Congress60’s instructions and their usage in life. I am grateful to the Lord for permitting me to come to Congress60. It is necessary to appreciate ourselves and to thank the Lord. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice ourselves. I hope by the power we gain through educating in Congress60, we can solve not only our problems but also others’.

Prepared by: Companion Zahra

Translated by: Companion Banafshe

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