The Congress of Addiction  Control in Isfahan
7/9/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Congress of Addiction Control in Isfahan

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Congress60 believes that a person liberated from addiction must treat their nicotine (cigarettes) consumption so that they can be called: "truly balanced people".

The Congress for the anniversary of fighting against addiction was held in Isfahan on July 4. Congress60 hosted this meeting and 2500 members of Congress60 participated in this congress. Many of the authorities including Isfahan governor, commander of the city and the principal of Drugs Control Bureau attended the meeting.

Congress60's members cooperated with each other several days so that the meeting was held in the best possible way.



The first speaker was Mr. Hadizade, the secretary for cooperation of Drugs Control Bureau. I cherish the memory of the martyrs of fighting drug-dealers. I have to than the province governor and all the authorities in this area who have done their best to control drug addiction. Although we may have not helped Congress60 as it deserved, we respect them. Congress60 is a successful NGO in the treatment of addiction. it is very great to have an NGO without any  black background like Congress60. Other NGOs also are taking great steps. We all have to do our best to train our children not to be addicted in the future.

Dr. Saeed Sadeghi, Social Welfare Organization principal:  thank God for all the gifts given to us. I am grateful to all the authorities including Dr. Zargarpoor, the city governor and Mr. Hadizade. I congratulate all Congress60's members especially Mr. Hakimi and Mr. Mansouri. I first met Master Dezhakam in Zahedan university in 2005. He introduced his book on the treatment of addiction and treating addiction is itself a way for preventing addiction. Today, we are so happy to see the members in unique and unified white shirts and scarves and great spirit and joy, indicating that all the members eagerly want to promote social health.







Mr. Hakimi was the last speaker who attended the stand. All the members clapped for him while standing for minutes.

Mr. Hakimi: Hello friends, I am Ahmad, a traveler. I am grateful to God that I am here in front of you and also to Master Dezhakam for inventing his unique method of DST to traet addiction. Addiction is an illness destroying three sides of body, psych and worldview. On behalf of Master Dezhakam, I am here to thank all the authorities including Isfahan governor, commander of the city and the principal of Drugs Control Bureau, social welfare principals, physicians, clinics and all the organizations in this field. If the sense of cooperation did not exist among us, we could not see such a great congress here. Regarding the number of Congress60's branches, Isfahan with having six branches is in the second rank after Tehran with 17 branches. I have to thank the director of Falavarjan municipality for giving a land to us and now we are building that for Congress60.



Ramadan has finished few days ago and I hope we could get benefits of that. Ramadan is of special importance to Congress60, because the DST method (the only way of treating addiction) was discovered in this month. All Congress60's members are on fast in this month and Iftari is donated every night. In Isfahan, 55000 Iftaris were donated in all the branches in Ramadan. All of these activities indicate the balance of body, psych and worldview, because Congress60 believes that an addict has damaged these three sides. The body side must be reconstructed using an appropriate medicine (OT: opium tincture). Furthermore, for the reconstruction of the worldview, 14 valleys have been written on the basis of holy Quran to help us reach balance in thinking and attitude. Psych is our moods, which is under direct influence of body and worldview.

One of the most important things in Congress60 is physical education. Each member of Congress60 must have a sport. Fourteen sports including archery, rugby, wrestling, futsal, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, chess, darts, badminton, aerobics, and fitness are played in Congress60. With the invitation of the Wrestling Federation of Armenia, Congress60's  Wrestling team will leave Tehran for Yerevan on July 9. Armenia has invited Congress60 in addition to other countries including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Iran to participate Sirkisian free style wrestling championship.

Congress60 believes that a person liberated from addiction must treat their nicotine (cigarettes) consumption so that they can be called: "truly balanced people". Cigarettes treatment is done using nicotine gums. This project began five years ago and it takes 10 months to treat nicotine consumption. We have over 150 legions of nicotine treatment.

In the previous year (1395: 2016), we have done several projects in Isfahan, including: buying a land for 143000 dollars, starting to build a land in Falavarjan, having 450 liberations from addiction, holding 1000 educational hours weekly, holding bicycle riding schedule in "Leave Your Cars out Thursdays Program" and having sports like  volleyball, swimming, table tennis, chess, darts, badminton, aerobics, on Fridays.

At the end, I am grateful to all the members trying to keep families from divorce and destruction, I implore the Lord to give them a great reward. You all know, Congress60's members are serving people for free and they do not receive any money for their services.

Translated by Elahe  

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