Physicians' Legion May 26,2017
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Physicians' Legion May 26,2017

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Regarding the monetary bases of Congress60, Master Dezhakam believes that it does not accept outside subscription, whether governmental or benevolent, in order to be independent of others.

The second session of the twelfth round of Physicians Legion was held by Dr. Mohsen as the guest speaker, Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Dr. Majid as the secretary with the agenda “What have I done to reinforce monetary and scientific bases of Congress60” and the CD “Destiny” in Taleqani Park on May 26, 2017 at 8 a.m.

Dr. Mohsen:

As the Master has said in the CD, if we want to build a strong building, it should be built on strong bases. Financial an scientific bases, two basic pillars, had been taken into consideration from the very beginning of Congress60.

Before starting Congress60, writing the book “crossing the zone of 60 degrees below zero” was the first step taken into reinforcing its scientific bases; it was also a means indicating the map of the system and its goal.

The next step was presenting an article introducing the hypothesis of addiction treatment in one of the universities of our country in which it was accepted.

Master Dezhakam propounded his views toward addiction, detoxification and a way for addiction treatment. Thereafter the first six valleys had started to be written before Congress60 began its activities.

Master Dezhakam mentioned that other NGOs didn’t have suitable relationships with scientific and academic centers because they believed that physicians and psychiatrists couldn’t help addiction treatment.

As Master Dezhakam acknowledges, Congress60 opposed medical system for a time, but later it came to this conclusion that it is necessary for Congress60 to get in touch with physicians, professors and students of universities in order to improve the level of its science.

Another step taken to reinforce was writing and presenting articles in authentic journals of European and American countries.

Launching a site for Congress60, which is one of the most valid sites in the country and a good reference in the field of drug addiction with a lot of every day visitors, is another movement to reinforce the scientific bases.

Not all members in Congress60 can become guides. No one has the right to guide others unless he has liberated from addiction and has taken part in an examination on technical and worldview subjects one year after his liberation. Afterwards he can guide others in Congress60. It is not the case that he can help other addicts right after his quitting drugs, but he can pass through all these stages.

All in all Master Dezhakam mentions in the CD that the central branch was called Academy because there was a combination of experience and science which is used in parallel with each other.

Regarding the monetary bases of Congress60, Master Dezhakam believes that it does not accept outside subscription, whether governmental or benevolent, in order to be independent of others.

Master Dezhakam cites the capability of the members as his reason for this issue.

Moreover, by getting outside subscription, Congress60 let other organizations interfere in its issues.

Master Dezhakam believes this can be harmful for Congress60’s activities. Congress60’s members are advised first to reinforce their own monetary bases and then that of Congress60 which consequently leads to the reinforcement of scientific bases of Congress60. In this regard, Master Dezhakam suggested that research projects should be done at Congress60’s expense in order to reinforce its monetary bases.

Regarding the CD “Destiny”, once it was supposed that people have a certain destiny and they have no will power while Master Dezhakam mentions in the CD that people’s destiny is formed by their own will power. If they face a problem in the path, they should first think and try to solve it and determine their own destiny.


Dr. Masoud:

I entered in one of Congress60’s branch called “Academy” 13 years ago. As you know academy, a Greek word, means the center of producing science. In Master Dezhakam’s opinion addiction treatment which is a science should be done at a university, therefore he determined research budget for it which unfortunately they have not done yet because of our lack of work.

 I myself had two I.S.I articles about the treatment method in Congress60 issued in authentic journals. I have written a proposal about the effectiveness of DST method which I hope it will be confirmed on Saturday.

 I have done nothing in order to strengthen the financial bases of Congress60. During the first years of my attendance to Congress60, I thought it was good to ask officials to attend Congress60’s workshop and see what was happening in it. They enjoyed the activities and told me to write a letter and ask for monetary help. Fortunately I told them that it would be done by Master Dezhakam. He evaded writing until they left. Then I said to Master Dezhakam that we had missed the money.

Master Dezhakam told me, a cow living on people’s merci will not plow the farm”. This was one of my precious findings which I frequently repeat for different folks and families. Congress60’s method is like the balanced rain that neither floods nor dries.

It is said in the CD that each of us have a desire which ultimately changes into destiny, whether it is righteous or not.

According to Master Dezhakam, you may make a mistake for the first time, but what about the second time? Nobody has forced you to use drugs again. Thus when humans’ desire persists and they reach to a position, then the divine command will be issued for them.

Whenever I use drugs occasionally as a desire, it will lead to addiction, then being a junkie and afterwards the Divine command and destiny will include my death somewhere on a corner. On the contrary, if we do good and repent from the half way, the divine destiny will change us from individuals with a lot of problems and disorders to those who are liked by others.

Therefore according to the divine command, someone chooses the vicious desire (addiction) and is drowned in misery but later he saves himself. As will power has been given to human beings, they can come back and be a powerful human for whom the divine command is issued.

Dr. Zohre:

We can suppose the destiny as a triangle including three sides of desire, the divine command and the destiny. If we ask a scholar how he has got to this position, he will answer: I wanted, tried, and avoid doing anti-values. Thus someone who has a desire to progress has a destiny to be a scholar.

Those who are now in Congress60 at first used drugs for taking pleasure but after some time they became addicted. When they attend Congress60 they should carry out their guide’s command to obtain liberation, otherwise they will plunge dipper into the darkness of addiction. The divine command is issued when one make attempts to determine one’s own destiny. It doesn’t apply just for those who take steps into right path but for everybody who commit crimes and anti-values.

Our life is like a circle. The beginning point is the same as the destination. If we have a right beginning, the destination is the right point from which we can get to higher positions. If there are obstacles in the right path, we should not be frightened. For example, when Master Dezhakam had a stroke, with financial and psychological losses, it came to his mind to treat nicotine addiction. Thereafter many people could treat their addiction to nicotine. It is concluded that we should learn from failures and search for our mistakes, trust the Lord and be sure He will show the best way to us.

Dr. Mehran:

Today’s agenda gives us a fillip to see what we have done to strengthen the monetary and scientific bases of Congress60. I myself have done nothing compared with what Congress60 has given to me. When a field has no scientific bases, it can never be repeated.

The fact that we are here indicates that Congress60 has been based on scientific bases. Opium Tincture Protocol was proposed by Congress60 and Dr. Mokri, one of the most predominant mentors, supported it.

The person who attends Congress60 pays nothing for his treatment and is allowed to attend the workshops for 10 months. The discipline you witness in Taleqani Park is provided by the energy comes from those liberated from addiction.

Dr. Reza:

Both two factors in the agenda have been emphasized. There was a subject suggested for writing a composition when we were at school as: “what is better, science or wealth?” we thought we have to choose one of them while they are interwoven with each other. Congress60 has paid attention to both these factors

When I came to Congress60, one of the significant subjects was to interact and cooperate with Physicians and scientific groups. This was a turning point which helped us, as physicians, a lot. Therefore we must try to reinforce its monetary and scientific bases as much as we can.

The Lord says: we assign the destiny of a nation according to its choices. Destiny is so much dependent on the right or wrong choices and how we try to get it. Transformations should be done gradually, otherwise they cannot last long. Sometimes your attempts may be fruitful in 40-50 years.

Master Dezhakam advises the members to continue their studies in the fields related to clinics. This is a long-term movement which will create a revolution in the next 10 years in Congress60.

Some people try to make us accept that we have a predetermined destiny which is incompatible with Congress60’s instructions. We can change our destiny by our own will power.

Dr. Mohammad Ali:

I have assigned a mission for myself since I got familiar with Congress60. I try to play the role of a messenger to send the message of Congress60 to others interested in curing their addiction.

Master Dezhakam mentions in a CD that three elements are necessary for any NGOs to survive: scientific bases, monetary bases and experts.

There can be two points of view toward Congress60. One, as a non-governmental organization which has been keeping on its activities for years with spectacular achievements; and second, a school with a specific thinking and worldview. I think our basic mission is to help it to be everlasting out of this organization and let other addicts, who have been deprived of the right method of treatment, use it. We may go beyond and use the method and its worldview in order to take positive steps in curing other illnesses, too.

Dr. Mohammad:

Some years ago my friend and I had went to the annual camp which Congress60’s members attend every summer. One of the officials of the city of Amol doubted if Congress60 could run the financial issues. Master Dezhakam showed Congress60’ power by gathering 120 million tomans from the members  (about 31000 $) in 5 minutes.

Dr. Parham:

I want to point to my experience during my studies at university. When suddenly the manager of university plans was dismissed from his post, the budget allocated to our research plan was not given to us and the plan was left unfinished. Thereafter we learned that we should stand on our own feet in order to succeed. And so we did.

Once in a meeting Dr. Mokri said: “when humans suddenly succeed in a job or field and acquire good financial resources, they will have a shock by which their whole life is influenced during the next years. n social activities, when people realize that whatever is done is beneficial to themselves, they cooperate (to achieve team's goals). Even if this cooperation and help is small-scale, it is far better than the situation in which the organization is funded from outside. This is a very important point in Congress60 and we have to be grateful for that.

Regarding the CD “destiny”, sometimes individuals add up their life experiences halfway of life. When I reviewed my prior days of life, I found that my fate is destined by myself but in a certain framework. I think that everything in life is relative but the Lord.

Master Dezhakam:

The CD suggests that what happens is based on three parameters including the desire, the destiny and the divine command; and normally desire changes into destiny. If I want to eat or drink, I will go to eat and drink.

What is Destiny? When you write a post-dated cheque today, for example for 2 months later. When there is no money in my account, my fate is destined so as to be caught by the police. Therefore it is said that one’s destiny is determined by oneself through one’s desire, and nobody can interfere with it.

Some people say we have nothing to do with the destiny nor with the divine command. What is associated with us is our desire which makes our destiny. We cannot say that being accepted in the university entrance exam is because of our destiny or the divine command.

And it is not correct to say some things are compulsory for us. Because according to the Holy Book our life hasn’t begun from our birthday but from the Day of Genesis (the Day of Alast) on which the Lord asked us if He was our God; and we replied yes, You are.  It means that we always exist, in different levels and different circles.

We need three components to manage an NGO, a family, a company, a hospital and a clinic: science, money, and experts. We cannot continue our activities if one of these components is absent.

Specialists and experts’ role is as significant as that of science and money. These three factors go forward in parallel. Do you know how long it takes for a person to become a physician, a pilot, a physicist or a chemist? Some countries pick the brains of other different countries. The most difficult phenomenon is the brain drain.

We need money, science as well as experts without whom we cannot continue our activities in Congress60. Thus we began to train experts by giving exams. Now we have more than 2000 guides for families and other sections.

This year we trained experts as the guides for new comers. Clinics should pay attention to this issue. The guides knows well how to talk with the person entering Congress60, what to say and what not to say to him/her. They are not permitted to interfere with his/her treatment.


As an individual (a new comer) attends your clinics, there should be someone who can talk with him/her for 20-30 minutes and justify the method since the physicians don’t have enough time to do so.

These experts explains out the treatment method, the duration of treatment, the proper medicine and so on. Both the first contact and maintaining the patient are important.

Regarding the scientific basic, you know that my last book named as “14 Articles” is going to be published. It includes 14 specialized articles on addiction by me and William White whose articles have been published in American authentic journals.

What is important scientifically in Congress60 is “the X Theory” which may have not been taken serious by some of you, but its importance in healing incurable illnesses will be revealed in the future.

Another subject is monetary base which is a significant issue. There is a negative view saying: “Money comes and goes”. But to me money is necessary.


Money should be earned through the righteous path not through committing fraud and theft. Without money, we may violate our dignity in order for our system not to be destroyed. Therefore money is important.


How can we make money? By the first valley, contemplation. All of us can reinforce our financial situation little by little during 5, 8 or 10 years only by contemplation and contriving.

The baskets we have in Congress60 meet the daily expenses. Then we needed a place for the members of Congress60 in order to hold the workshops and do other activities. It seemed that we had to ask governmental organizations or municipalities to help us, but we found it is useless; because they could have sent us out after the officials changed. Each place we want to rent has a mortgage of at least 300-350 million tomans and we should pay 300 thousand per month. The amount of money in the baskets is enough just to provide tea and sugar for the workshops. How can we provide money for renting the place of the workshops?

Then I thought we can open a bank account and announce it to the members. We saw that some members deposited 2-3 million tomans into the account. Then I suggested that we establish the Financial Legions in each branch by those members who cannot serve in any places but have good financial status and are rich. Afterwards I assigned the legions the task of providing each branch with their own financial resources.

Everybody who wants to be a member of this legion must pay 5 million tomans (about $ 17,500,000,000) each year by cash not by instalments. Why? Because we want rich people participate in this work.


The members of the legion also have to encourage one other person to become the member of the legion during one year after his/her membership. It is similar to the membership of a Gulf club to which you should pay 50 thousand $.

We called a week in Congress60 as “Financial Legion” at which a sum of 2.5 billion $ was collected. The same event was fashionable in which people, especially rich ones gathered in a gymnasium and collected a sum of money to release a prisoner or help a business man who had been bankrupted. We have the same ceremony in Congress60 in the week “Financial Legion” by which we can run the branches of Congress60 easier.


Prepared by: Ali Reza Nikravesh

Translated by: Marjan

Jue 20,2017


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