Constructing the Physical Realm
6/12/2017 12:00:00 AM

Constructing the Physical Realm

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Congress60’s goal is the revival of unbalanced people with lots of destructions and changing them into balanced people with acceptable and positive structures.

Constructing the Physical Realm (Body) 

 Congress60’s goal is the revival of unbalanced people with lots of destructions and changing them into balanced people with acceptable and positive structures. Treatment of addiction is one of the important issues which cannot be done without education.

According to Mr.Dezhakam, change should happen in an appropriate place, at appropriate time, with the appropriate words and end in the appropriate outcome. The balance should be happen correctly in each and every step. The goal is treatment, attaining knowledge and designing the model. The more knowledge we provide, the more equilibrium appears in our thoughts, words and behavior.

Our will power is the most important factor. But we should pay attention that if we want to reach the high level of energy, we should practice what we have learned in Congress60. Try to build physical strength with the help of exercise and serving others. And remember that healthy mind makes a healthy body.

A completed treatment is a treatment that results in healthy mind, body, and worldview. Taking the medicine at the right time and dosage is another important factor. A righteous worldview makes psyche and gradually our morals change. Our attitudes influence our physical realm (body). It is just like an architect who decides to build a construction. First, he designs then he uses suitable materials and supervises the construction stages. In order to setup a beautiful strong building three factors are important: the designer, design and materials.

If we return to our physical realm, which have been demolished by addiction, and decide to rebuild it, we need good materials, i.e. OT. The design is your worldview and the designers are your guides. All of them are provided by Congress60 for us. Therefore first of all think then design your model with the help of D.S.T method and righteous worldview so as not to be ruined by any earthquakes or storms. You should be a good representative for the next generation.

Others helped and saved us, we should help others in turn. Congress60 has made impossibilities possible.

Designing the model (of body) should be done precisely just as Mr. Dezhakam saved us, we should do the same. Mighty God guided him and he guided us. He is a powerful model for those who have lost everything and have resorted to any ropes for salvation.

Today, we have learned to cling to the Lord’s rope in order to find our lost life and strength. We should be models for those who have lost their ways. We are not supposed to save our souls alone. Congress60’s knowledge belongs to all people and we are responsible for publicizing it and prove that addiction is not an incurable disease.

Once addiction stood in front of people but today we are standing in front of it. We would never stoop under its storms. Thus constructing the physical realm will make people better ones, reviving their lives and humanity. Time showed us that Congress60 purifies people to be stronger and more faithful.

We have learned over time to fertilize our withered souls to be the Lord’s good land and reach to righteous act using the knowledge of Congress60. Those seeds that we have planted once will be treasures for us and others.

Congress60‘s lessons are right keys which open every old and rusty locks. Congress60 opened our eyes and shined hearts. Let’s thank the Lord for what we have and feel no remorse for what we have lost. Serving others, family, society, yourselves, and those who are waiting for your help should be your only goal in your life. Life is beautiful. Loving people is considered as loving the Lord and vice versa for “the end of each point is the beginning of a new line”.

Written by: Companion Sedigheh Atashyar

Translated by : Companion Parvin

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