The Ninth Valley and its Effect on me
5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Ninth Valley and its Effect on me

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Because the eighth valley is a treaty, which reveals our own position to ourselves. One of the most difficult things is to face ourselves, when a human being is encountered with themselves, they are scared and become bad-tempered.

The first session of 59th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 10 May, 2017 at 11 a.m., this meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master and Mrs. Zahra as the secretary and the weekly agenda was "the ninth valley and its effect on me: Tolerance is built when a force begins at a low level and gradually increases."

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I am fine and hope you are fine too. Yesterday, companions' session was held in Malayeripour building. Mrs. Ani and her assistants (members who are responsible for companions' sessions) will be supposed to hold a weekly session in that place. Since we are in need of more secretaries in the branches and the prerequisite for being the master of ceremony is to pass the secretary period; it was decided for the secretaries to serve for seven sessions.

The guidance exam was held very well. While scoring the papers, I faced some interesting points, for instance, we had asked: "to what will the blossoms change into?" The answer is: "they change to thunderbolts". But some members answered: "flowers and plants".

Today's agenda is the ninth valley. All of us can feel this tolerance point. Tolerance exists in bad and good points meaning that human beings can increase their tolerance both in right or evil deeds. When we were consuming drugs, we had increased our tolerance in that in a way that we were not able to tolerate lack of drugs and we were to consume lots of drugs. Today, however, we are learning how to increase our tolerance in using less drugs. Sometimes, we could not tolerate avoiding drugs for two hours, and in Congress60, we have gradually learned how to do that.

Some people in the society have a low tolerance. They become angry in response to very small matters. However, Congress60's members have promoted their tolerance very well. We did not know many things previously; however, as we entered Congress60, we learned many things, one of which is to increase our tolerance. inCongress60, we learn not to gossip about people, we learned to criticize ourselves, not others. After the ninth valley, we come to the tenth valley, Human being past attributes don’t remain the same because, he is constantly changing.

The eighth valley reads the path is revealed with progress. Tolerance exists in the movement too. If tolerance exists, then, the tenth valley happens. We never realize the tenth valley unless tolerance exists inside us. If do not move, we will not reach the tolerance point. If we find the way in the seventh valley, we can move. If we move, the tolerance will appear and the previous attribute will change. It means that a person who was once an addict, now moves and becomes a healthy person. A person who could not once live without cigarettes, finds his way and his tolerance changes, therefore, his past attribute will change, he was once a cigarettes smoker, but he is not now.

We have a great deal of information in Congress60, now we can only touch upon some of them. We are producing this great amount of knowledge for our descendants. We have now 500 educational CDs on different matters with their different special sensitivities. In this way, we have a little time for the valleys. The fourteenth valley has got 12 or more CDs. Each valley has different CDs which show the path and they indicate the limitations and the laws which we have to observe in our life.

The valleys are sequential; therefore, a person who has finished the eighth valley can enter the ninth valley. The prerequisite of the eighth valley is to make the pact. If a person has not made the pact, they have remained in their position without progress to the next step. Because the eighth valley is a treaty, which reveals our own position to ourselves. One of the most difficult things is to face ourselves, when a human being is encountered with themselves, they are scared and become bad-tempered.

Some years ago, Amin had  gone on a silence fast with his friends. He said that many of them vomited, because they had encountered their true faces. Encountering yourself is very difficult, because you have to indict yourself. The eighth valley lets us make a small-scale treaty for four hours and everything remains secret between the Lord and us. The person mentions all  their wrong deeds and makes a pact no to repeat them again.

The second part of the valley tells you where you stand. Now is the time to tell your needs and ask for whatever you want from the most important ones to the least. In our final prayer in Congress60, you are required to mention just one want, because you have to know exactly what you require. In your prayers, you should mention what you want. In the pact, you have to determine what you want and plan for that. In the pact, you sometimes say: "I try to commit less evil deeds". Therefore, do not fear making a pact. I never ever wanted you to promise not to commit bad things; you should say I try not to do them. Therefore, whenever you get ready, make the pact of the eighth valley. Because the prerequisite of the ninth valley is making the pact. Thereafter, your tolerance will gradually change and the past attribute will alter.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

Translated by Elahe




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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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